Chloie Benton

Publishing Partner

Growing up on a farm in Inman, Kansas, Chloie Benton developed a deep-rooted passion for amplifying the stories of ordinary people.

Even in her youth, she found immense joy in immersing herself in the narratives of her family, neighbors, and rural communities. This early connection to the underrepresented experiences around her fueled Chloie’s unwavering commitment to giving voice to those who often go unnoticed.

Through her undergraduate and graduate degrees focusing on English, she discovered a knack for storytelling. She taught middle school English for a few years before founding Benton Copy Co. in Kansas City. As a ghostwriter, editor, and writing coach, Chloie has helped capture the untold stories of heartland individuals. Through her work, stories that might otherwise slip through the cracks are shared to inspire broader audiences.

Now fully immersed in Kansas City’s innovative ecosystem, Chloie remains dedicated to giving visibility to underrepresented Midwest narratives. Innovate KC is a passion project for Chloie, allowing her to celebrate the untold stories and paint a unified image of a connected Kansas City.

If you have a story that needs to be told, please reach out through email to [email protected].

Sharing other’s truths is her driving force in this diverse landscape.


Current & Completed Projects