Ceslie Armstrong

Publishing Partner

Ceslie Armstrong is an award-winning media and entertainment executive; producer, writer, advisor, curator, and collaborator. She has packaged and produced programming for major networks, digital platforms, venues, and universities featuring celebrities, experts, authors, artists, and icons. Ceslie has produced Grammy award-winning artists; top celebrities, and influential icons globally. She has deep experience in subscriber-based recurring revenue models; audience and content acquisition; and, impact investing advisement. Her career includes corporate and entrepreneurial leadership to strategically interface brands, publishers, and organizations into positions of increased consumer recognition, value, revenue and growth using processes that adapt to changing and emerging technologies to connect with audiences and build strong relationships.

She is a pioneer in early internet-based compression technologies, streaming, and digital distribution. In 2019 she became an early adopter of blockchain and smart contract technologies and advised various organizations, brands, and creators on “Web3.” She is profiled as one of the Top Women in Web3 in The Women of the Future project and is now publishing the inaugural edition of INNOVATE® San Antonio, in her hometown alongside INNOVATE® Houston.

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