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new generation headhunters Pronexia team pic Pronexia was founded in 2010 to do things differently. Like many businesses, the headhunting firm was born out of a need to revolutionize and elevate an old-school, uber-traditional, morally-questionable industry. Five minutes with Pronexia’s founders, Moranne Elarar and Marina Byezhanova, and it becomes clear that they are anything but traditional – and it seems that from the outset, the odds were stacked against them. Launching in the midst of an economic recession and with a newborn baby each (they went on to have five kids between the two of them while growing the business), the two started in a tiny basement office, working countless hours with nothing but microwaved noodles and sheer grit pushing them forward. Within three years’ time, the business scaled and began to generate over $1 million in revenue. The team grew in headcount, bringing on key members in sales and recruitment that remain members of the team today. Headhunting and recruitment services evolved into a full-force marketing machine with the launch of Montreal’s first-ever conference series on the topic of company culture. The Pronexia brand began to diversify: once known as a new-generation recruitment firm eventually became a notoriously well-managed, progressive player within the business community as a whole. Armed with a client base comprising of A-list companies of different sizes in technology, manufacturing, retail, and beyond, Pronexia became less of a recruitment agency and more of a full-service partnership firm that built relationships and consulted its clients on everything from hiring to culture to training and beyond. Pronexia Team Movember Pronexia Office Catering primarily to small and medium-sized organizations, Pronexia is a team of entrepreneurs who are passionate about working directly with entrepreneurs, aiming to bring value to founders and change-makers within a company. Experts at helping businesses fill executive-level, key roles within their companies, Pronexia understands entrepreneurship from the inside-out. Eventually, Pronexia opened a second satellite office in Vancouver, and continued to grow its presence across Canada. Making waves came naturally: they have been featured in publications including Inc., Success Magazine, Forbes, Yahoo News, Financial Post, Fast Company, as well as a number of radio and television programs. Creating buzz aside, the firm makes a mission of producing innovative content for its audience, passionate about bringing value to its community by refuting clichés and bringing fresh perspectives to the business world. Pronexia went on to re-brand itself for the next phase of its evolution as a strategic consulting firm, helping small and medium-sized companies across the country audit, understand, and improve their company culture. While the days of microwaved noodles are far gone, a relentless commitment to its values remains: transparency, integrity, and a drive to continuously innovate have heavily influenced the company’s success. Today, you might find the team’s founders speaking at conferences, meetups, or to university classrooms across the globe – keeping it real at all times, of course. Anti-corporate, agile, and committed to bringing real value to its clients and to its audience, the firm remains anything but average. Part headhunting firm, part company-culture consultancy, part content machine: Pronexia continues to innovate its industry – and they have a ton of fun in the process. Pronexia marina and moranne Pronexia radio interview

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