PFL Group has been active in the audiovisual sector for more than 23 years and offers technical support for live, hybrid and virtual meetings and events, creative and video solutions.

Dominic De Gruyter, PFL’s CEO

The corona pandemic brought the entire events sector to a standstill, and this was no different for PFL. However, this did not stop Dominic De Gruyter, PFL CEO, to switch to virtual events in the early stages of the crisis.

They already had the expertise!
With the acquisition of ABBIT three years ago, this virtual expertise grew enormously. They were triggered by the multi-hub story of Abbit’s founder, Maarten Vanneste, in which groups of people gather in different locations or hubs. The hubs virtually connect in a multi-hub system. Even when thousands of miles apart, it feels as if all participants are in one location.

Moreover, multi-hub event organisers focus on sustainability as they make considerable savings on travel expenses and CO² emissions.
The successful organisation of Sustainable Energy Week in June 2020, an assignment for the European Commission, has elevated PFL to a new level. This yearly event would attract three to four thousand people to come to Brussels. For this edition, however, PFL re-purposed a large warehouse to a control room with multiple screens, attracting no less than 6000 unique visitors to a virtual conference.

During the pandemic, they took the risk to keep on investing.
They acquired WIMEC Event Centre in Turnhout. This conference centre was refurnished with ready to use virtual studios, designed as a cosy living room, a spacious TV studio and a green key studio. Recently, an impressive and ready to use hybrid setting was added, enabling PFL to bring the best of two worlds together: live and online.

They are all set for the events of the future!

Additionally, they successfully boosted their sales department during the pandemic, resulting in the delivery and installation of equipment in boardrooms with online facilities, the furnishing of cultural centres and even the entire audio installation of the Beerschot football stadium.

Guaranteeing consistent quality is extremely important for PFL Group. That is why the team is their most important capital. Because it is challenging to find skilled staff in the sector, they decided to train their team members in the PFL Academy. PFL experts train new team members so that they can work as professionals with the latest techniques for sound, light and video. In the meantime, the team has grown to almost 50 permanent employees and a pool of experienced freelancers. PFL is also taking further steps in making international meetings more sustainable. While technicians used to travel from all over the world to the event location, PFL now hires experienced local technicians to support the events. Recently, PFL Iberia opened in Barcelona, Spain. This fits in their long term plan to have an affiliate in every major European congress city. With the participation in the VOKA Charter for Corporate Sustainability, they made a deliberate choice to commit to sustainability. At the same time, they put a lot of effort into the comfort of the team.

Thanks to the strong growth and their varied offer, they have – again – outgrown their current warehouse. By the end of 2021, they will double the space to accommodate:

• A professional tv/broadcast studio (15x25m²)
• Three (3) brand new editing rooms
• Innovative meeting facilities
• Training rooms
• Additional storage space

The studio will be the showpiece of the PFL Group and will comply with the current safety norms. This space will be soundproof and lightproof, with separated ventilation and air-conditioning systems. The rig points on the ceiling will be able to support 6 tons. Since the start of the summer in 2021, PFL is working on live events again. According to Dominic De Gruyter, it felt like coming home.




The name says it all. They love to listen to your requirements, and they aim for 100 % client satisfaction. No audiovisual challenge is too big, nor too small: a local exhibition or an international multi-hub meeting, a unique company event or an intimate birthday party.


If you can dream it, they can create it!

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