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After graduating from the New York Film Academy and working on sets in Toronto, LNG Studios founder and CEO Leon Ng returned home to Vancouver to run local community channel NOVUS TV. While working in this role, two things happened that set the tone for Leon’s future.

First, he realized there was a technology gap with the way that content was being shot, managed, and archived: everything was on VHS tapes. Although this was standard practice in 2004, it was clunky, difficult to manage, and Leon wanted a better solution. He decided to invest in digitizing the entire channel of film. By today’s standards, digitization sounds like a no-brainer, but this was the pre-YouTube era, and Leon’s move was a huge leap ahead of any competitor.

It was also one he planned to keep at the core of everything he did. But that wasn’t Leon’s only important observation at the time. He’d also noticed that Vancouver’s real estate market was taking off, making it a natural content opportunity, and he wanted to be the first to own it. Leon created a real estate channel that expanded across Canada on SaskTel, MTS, and Rogers with over 2.5 million viewers. Since then, Leon has continued to work at the intersection of technology and real estate, layering on businesses to build up a proptech enterprise.


Within the first year of the company’s establishment, Leon discovered the 3D scanning technology made available for creating virtual tours and obtained the right to employ this new service to Canada. Since then, LNG Studios has pioneered the use of virtual reality in real estate showrooms and presentation centers, as well as interactive virtual tours on touchscreens. “We’ve embraced every new discovery and leap in technological advancements in the visualization space throughout the years, always with the intention of passing on these new solutions to our clients,” Leon says.

Today, LNG Studios bills itself as a 3D-visualization studio and encompasses over 10 businesses in which Leon currently has an active stake. Together, the businesses form an ecosystem that has grown from three staff to over 50 and beyond Vancouver to include offices in Toronto and San Francisco. “We’ve become best known for our ability to find emerging technologies and to package up practical applications for our clients to give them a competitive edge,” Leon says. “At the core of LNG Studios is that constant pursuit of innovation.”


Since 2009, LNG Studios has been producing award-winning 3D visualizations and immersive experiences to the real estate development industry and local marketing agencies. Its vertically integrated services combine creative and technological solutions for a seamless production pipeline that delivers stunning assets to any client. In the first quarter of 2020, LNG Studios made its first business acquisition: DG Works, a friendly industry competitor established around the same time as LNG Studios. With the acquisition of DG Works, LNG Studios immediately increased its 3D visualization capabilities and also expanded into the 3D printing sector.

The move was a serendipitous one; it coincided almost exactly with frontline healthcare workers’ dire need for Personal Protective Equipment in the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic. LNG Studios found an open-source 3D printing file of a medically certified face shield online and immediately put its new 3D printers to work, producing a handful of prototypes for local hospitals. “Once the prototypes were approved for use, we started producing face shields around the clock,” Leon says. “We also put out a call out to the local 3D printing community, and now we’re a group of over 500 members, all printing mass quantities of these face shields.” LNG alone has printed thousands of face shields, demonstrating both the company’s care for others and its ability to adapt quickly to their needs.


Having seen firsthand how rapidly businesses and pre-sale marketing services in real estate have shifted during the pandemic, LNG Studios is excited to explore new virtual tools and digital solutions within the real estate industry. With respect to 3D visualization services like 3D printing and project mapping, LNG Studios looks forward to discovering possibilities through R&D. “While there are many talented visualization studios around the world, with prominent studios in the major cities of New York, London, and Melbourne,” Leon says, “we’re proud to lead the 3D visualization space in Western Canada.”


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