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The Power Of Unified IT

The need to provide instant and anywhere access to corporate data, while efficiently securing and protecting the business, is the charter of today’s IT.

Ivanti powers this IT mission with a unified approach to maximize user productivity and reduce IT complexities, risks, and costs for the business. With solutions that deliver better visibility, faster feedback, predictive insights and automated actions, Ivanti is changing the IT landscape. Its solutions break down IT silos and unify IT processes for a more efficient, secure and productive business.

Driving IT Transformation for the Digital Workplace

Ivanti is focused on enabling the process, automation and shared data that unifies IT operations, operational security and asset management. This not only lowers IT risks, but also enables faster response times while also increasing end-user satisfaction.

Ivanti helps organizations to Discover all the IT assets on the network, while at the same time, providing integrated dashboards and analytics which Provide Insights into the state of the environment and on-going IT initiatives.

Ivanti also enables IT to Take Action on the insights using integrated processes and technologies. On a larger landscape, this empowers IT to not only better support individuals, but business decisions as well.

Ivanti continues to build on its mission to unify IT with a focus on automating and securing the digital workplace. From PCs to mobile devices, VDI and the data center, Ivanti is helping today’s IT evolve by discovering and managing IT assets on-premises and in the cloud, improving IT service delivery, and reducing security risk with powerful insights and automation.

Volunteering Builds Trust and Happiness At the center of the Ivanti mission are its employees. The company’s passion for employees has fostered a family-centric culture that is focused on today’s blended work-life world. This employee-first culture also extends to Ivanti customers, creating a customer closeness that leads to both loyalty and engagement.

One example of Ivanti’s employee-first culture is its unique unlimited volunteer time off (VTO) program. Employees are allowed – even encouraged – to take as much time as they want to volunteer in support of charitable causes. In this way, Ivanti supports its employees, their families and the community, building trust and happiness.

“At Ivanti, we’re helping customers respond to user demands and market changes, comply with regulations, and secure their entire organization -- all while reducing costs. We call it the Power of Unified IT.”

- – Steve Daly, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Ivanti

Each year, Ivanti employees spend thousands of hours of volunteer time pursing personal charitable passions such as teaching young women how to code, helping children with autism or supporting the needs of hospice children. The program, which is a passion project of Ivanti’s executives, has proven to be an enabler of employee satisfaction.

By empowering its employees to follow their passion – both in the workplace and in their community – Ivanti has found sustaining growth and success.

“At Ivanti, we know our ultimate success lies in the passion of our employees. That’s why we reflect their passion with programs that empower a blended work life and give them the opportunity to give back to their communities in ways that are meaningful to them.”

- – Sue Urses, Vice President of Human Resources, Ivanti

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