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Today, we are still in the business of betterment—maintaining the nation’s power infrastructure, protecting American freedoms and accelerating innovation around the world. We are advancing and enhancing the fundamentals of modern productivity— talent, efficiency, and safety.

Graphite GTC was founded in Philadelphia, in 2012 by two lifelong friends who started their careers sharing a cubicle in 1993 and developed a shared vision. Chris Gali and Chris Doggett’s vision was to reduce software development time and not sacrifice quality. They started their partnership, out of their homes, in 1998 with the creation of their first company, AdminServer. Later moving into office space near the Philadelphia Airport, they grew the company steadily for 10 years, eventually garnering the attention of Oracle  Corporation, which acquired AdminServer for $125M in 2008.

Philadelphia has always been a hub for innovation. From the 'invention' of the U.S. Republic to streetlights, revolving doors, and the first computer (ENIAC), the spirit of Benjamin Franklin continues to spur the progress of science and technology.

During “the Chris’” non-compete period, they turned their attention to Philadelphia eateries, starting the nationally acclaimed “Franklin Mortgage and Investment, a speakeasy” and the “Upstairs at the Franklin, a tiki bar” in Rittenhouse Square. Having successfully created a software development platform that produced high-quality code, they then focused on removing friction between software developers and business users to create a seamless development experience.

During their AdminServer days, they identified recurring pain points in software development methods adopted as an industry “standard.” These methods are a frustrating iterative process where corporate IT creates requirements in a silo, developers create an application in a silo, and then the application is critiqued and edited in a silo. This process repeats until requirements are finally met, or funding is exhausted. Gali and Doggett believed a collaborative, integrated process could efficiently replace the iterative process, and produce better results, faster.

Graphite GTC was founded in 2012, again in Philadelphia, to address these pain points. Gali and Doggett set out to create a platform that would actively foster collaboration between business users and IT, developing an enterprise application with uncompromising quality. Not surprisingly, one of the outcomes was a vast reduction in time to market. The Graphite GTC team of engineers and business professionals spent several years designing and crafting Graphite Studio. By 2015 the platform was ready for the market. This innovative platform is a thoughtful and complete graphical development environment designed to give customers a better approach to delivering and developing the best web applications.

By using shapes, Graphite Studio enables users to create complex back-end processes through the use of easy to understand flowcharts. Eliminating the need for multiple complex languages in the development process, Graphite Studio opens the doors for collaboration between IT and business users. Graphite Studio benefits have been proven to provide lower cost development, delivered in a shorter time frame with industry-leading reliability and security.

Now located in Bryn Mawr, PA, just outside of Philadelphia, Graphite GTC continues to foster innovation and continuously improve their product. Graphite GTC currently works with Systems Integrators, Commercial Organizations, and Regulated Industries to provide them with the innovation and benefits of Graphite Studio.

Graphite GTC

1022 E Lancaster Ave
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

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