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Provides College Scholarships And Mentoring To Students

Give Something Back (Give Back) provides college scholarships and mentoring to students who have faced economic hardship and other adversities such as foster care or the incarceration of a parent.

There are scholarships. There are mentoring programs. Give Back is both. And, our model is ground breaking.

Give Back scholars are academically motivated and resilient. Most are first generation college students who come from families below the poverty line. A special outreach is given to students who have experienced heightened social risks such as foster care or the incarceration of a parent.

Every Give Back scholar receives a full scholarship that covers college tuition, fees, room and board, lifting the heavy financial burden associated with higher education.

We select scholars early—as soon as ninth grade—so they benefit from college readiness programs, campus visits, financial aid workshops, test preparatory classes and social events. Scholars are required to take a rigorous course load, remain in good academic standing and demonstrate strong character.

A pillar of our program is our volunteer mentors who support, challenge, guide and hold their scholars accountable throughout high school. Learn how you can become a mentor by visiting our website: www.giveback.ngo/mentors

From our college partners to valued high school counselors, strong partnerships are critical to our success. We rely on the expertise of our community partners to serve as an extension of our team. Learn more about our valued partners by visiting our website: www.giveback.ngo/partners.

By utilizing government financial aid, in-state tuition and subsidies from our generous college partners, the Give Back financial model maximizes the number of scholars who can attend college at one of our valued partner schools.

Give Back selects a partner college and provides a large, upfront contribution to the school.

The college can use the contribution as unrestricted dollars for four years before our scholars ever set foot on campus – typically earning interest.

In exchange, the college generously fills the rest of the financial gap so that tuition, fees, room & board are covered for the scholars.

A written partner agreement outlines that the college will reserve a designated number of spots for Give Back scholars at a deeply discounted cost. This way we do not make promises we can’t keep, despite rising costs of college or future economic downturns.

Give Back alumni are succeeding. With a 91% graduation rate and 100% employment rate, Give Back’s method is proven effective. Over 50% of our scholars return as mentors, and many have become doctors, attorneys, executives, teachers, and more.

To date, we have pre-paid for over 1,500 scholars to go to college, an upfront investment of over $35 million.

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We will deliver results, tell the truth, and make a difference through our determination to transform the business world. Good enough is not nearly enough. We go beyond.

Beyond was created in 2017 by Robert O. Carr, a prominent businessman and philanthropist whose track record of success reflects his deep belief that “doing the right thing” for clients and employees ultimately produces the best bottom-line results. Carr has brought on a team of experts in the industry to build a world-class company.

Our commitment to transparent, customer-first service is spelled out in the Beyond Promises: 10 principles setting out the company’s commitment to fair treatment, plain language and full disclosure, with no hidden fees and no unexpected surcharges or arbitrary pricing changes.

Beyond designated the non-profit Give Something Back as a founding partner and beneficiary. Since Beyond’s founding, we have assisted with Give Back in providing college scholarships and mentoring to students who have faced economic hardship and other challenges such as foster care or the incarceration of a parent.

By investing in the minds and futures of smart, capable young people, Beyond is building a well-prepared workforce and contributing to a growing economy – which creates greater opportunities for our clients and for our company.


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