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On a Mission to Implement AI Technology Within Quebec SMEs

Fluxion is an AI company founded in early 2019 by the entrepreneur Charles Demontigny, a data science enthusiast. The idea of launching his own artificial intelligence company came to him while working as a data scientist for JLR, a company where he initiated his first AI solutions.

Fluxion’s mission is to implement AI technology within Quebec SMEs to enable them to better integrate into the current market. Charles Demontigny maintains that this technology really makes a difference, and helping owners to better initiate their business projects is his primary source of motivation. According to him: “SMEs must innovate differently than large companies. It does not have the luxury of investing heavily in projects that may never see the light of day. Fluxion’s approach is therefore to develop lower risk solutions that are focused on the business needs of the company”.

Fluxion accompanies company directors through the process of data acquisition and valuation. Its team of data scientists offers a wide range of products derived from artificial intelligence: prediction algorithms, recommendation systems, gamification, automated services, but they don’t stop there. Charles Demontigny explains that: “The vast majority of artificial intelligence technologies can be exploited by anyone. There is no monopoly on mathematics!” Thanks to the learning machine, Fluxion’s customers can then concentrate their time where it really counts and become much more efficient and profitable.

However, Fluxion’s first challenge is that a majority of entrepreneurs do not know how AI will help their business or industry. To answer this, Charles Demontigny has created the Découverte IA  in collaboration with Hélène-Sarah Bécotte from GRISDD. With this diagnosis, entrepreneurs open a list of AI projects or data with high potential for their business. Découverte IA is a product offered with the goal of making AI solutions accessible and presenting the various benefits to SMEs.

Fluxion’s vision is that AI will also be present on a medium-term horizon. Thus, Charles Demontigny states that: “If we do not want the economy to be monopolized by the GAFAMs, we must start today to give the SME the means to compete with the big players. It’s David versus Goliath in many cases.”


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