INNOVATIONS in Pharmaceutical Development

Meet the Thought Leaders and companies that are building the pharmaceutical development innovations of tomorrow – Inspiration, Growth, and Opportunity await.

What is the publication?

Innovations in Pharmaceutical Development is a directory resource that highlights approximately 20 thought leaders and approximately 60 to 80 companies at the forefront of innovation in pharmaceutical development. Profiled companies and thought leaders are selected from nominations by a panel of six independent industry experts and three panelists from Crosstree. Panelist profiles are provided herein.

Innovations in pharmaceutical development

Why Crosstree?

Crosstree’s strategic research and consulting division is publishing three Pharma Services Innovations directories for (i) Development, (ii) Commercial, and (iii) Supply Chain segments. Crosstree is publishing the directories to advance its thought leadership content, beginning with the Development segment. It is important to Crosstree that the directories are perceived as professional, high-quality industry resources, and not promotional advertorials.

What is the commercial model?

There is no cost or obligation for nominated companies to participate. The book will be sold as a directory to biopharmaceutical companies, investors, analysts, and other industry participants. Crosstree has partnered with Global Village, a directory publisher, to publish the directories. Global Village will offer nominated companies optional promotional products, which are further described in the back of this overview.

Crosstree’s Innovations in Pharmaceutical Development is being developed and fully funded by Crosstree and Global Village. There is no cost or other obligation involved to participate.

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Industry Taxonomy

An integral part of the project is the visual representation of your companies services and capabilities. You can either mark your capabilities within Pharmaceutical Development utilizing a proprietary industry classification infographic on the printable copy of the Industry Genome or alternatively use the form on this link to select your capabilities.



Industry Taxonomy Glossary of Terms

Clinical Services
Clinical services are the medical, diagnostic, and therapeutic services provided directly to the patients that are currently enduring health conditions.

  • Trial Execution – Trial execution is the initiation of conducting experiments or observations on human participants for biomedical or behavioral research studies. These studies are specifically designed to discover the outcomes of new studies or interventions.
  • Data Services – Clinical data services allow for standardized and centralized end-to-end data collection, analyzation and publication to ensure a seamless, efficient trial process and drug approval. • Regulatory Services – Regulatory services are conducted in an organization or clinical trials in order to provide guidance for the company and make sure that they are following the legal guidelines and policies in regard to its daily business processes.
  • Regulatory Services – Regulatory services are conducted in an organization or clinical trials in order to provide guidance for the company and make sure that they are following the legal guidelines and policies in regard to its daily business processes.


Laboratory Services
A facility for the biological, microbiological, serologic, chemical, hematology, immunohematologic, biophysical, cytologic, pathologic, or other examination of materials derived from the human body for the purpose of providing information for diagnosing, preventing, or treating disease or impairment of, or assessment of humans.

  • Genomic Testing – The process of observing an entire genome (all the genes that make up an organism). Genomic testing evaluates all a person’s genes, rather than focusing on a specific gene, or set of genes. Genomic testing looks broadly for gene alterations, or harmful changes, anywhere in the genetic code.
  • Central Laboratories – A place, establishment or institutional laboratory that is responsible for conducting and consolidating laboratory testing, reporting and data originating in different clinical sites in order to standardize analytical platforms, kits, techniques and reference values allowing for the creation of harmonized processes and more consistent assessments.
  • Core Laboratories – A core lab typically serves researchers working in R&D laboratories. Core labs frequently are subject matter experts when it comes to certain equipment and/or techniques and is used by independent research labs to conduct highly specialized/technical assessments.
  • Bioanalytical Laboratory Testing – A place, establishment or institution organized and operated primarily for performing chemical, microscopic, serologic, parasitologic, bacteriologic or other tests, by the practical application of one or more of the fundamental sciences to material originating from the human body, for the purpose of obtaining scientific data which may be used as an aid to ascertain the organism’s state of health.
  • In Vivo Laboratory Testing – Medical tests and/or experiments or procedures that are done on (or in) a living organism, such as a laboratory animal or human. In vivo studies are conducted to look at the actual effect on how the living organism (body) will respond.


Pharma Tech & Infosys
Software, technology, eclinical solutions, and data subscription services related to the development of drugs.

  • Data Acquisition – Data Acquisition and Repositories tools refer to technology that is utilized to capture, store, and analyze data used in clinical trials.
  • Regulatory and Safety Tech – Technology systems and solutions used to manage regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance and safety requirements in clinical trials. • Operations Tech – Technology and related solutions used in the execution of clinical trial operations.
  • Data Science Tools – Tools used for the analysis, management, and presentation of data relating to clinical trials.

Sven Boermeester - INNOVATIONS in Pharmaceutical Development Publishing Partner

Sven Boermeester is a global publishing entrepreneur with a career that spans over 20 years with stops in more than 100 countries. He was born in Antwerp, Belgium and grew up in South Africa. After completing his business studies in Cape Town, he opened his first media company and started publishing the trade and industry directories for South Africa followed by the launch of the Best of the World publishing series in Dubai. Fast forward 20 years and 183 ‘Best of’ editions across 60 countries, Sven now lives in Tampa, Florida with his wife and young son. He is working on disrupting the publishing business by mapping out the Innovation ecosystems of every major city in the U.S. and around the world, through his latest Innovation books and augmented reality video series.

Shane Senior - INNOVATIONS in Pharmaceutical Development Panelist

Shane Senior has over 20 years of investment banking experience, with 15 of those years cultivating industry relationships with investors and strategic executives within pharma services.

Prior to co-founding Crosstree Capital Partners, Senior established the corporate finance practice at William R. Hough & Co. (later acquired by the Royal Bank of Canada) and spent six years providing M&A investment banking services with Citigroup.

Senior has advised more than 150 companies and has managed or participated in more than 90 successful transactions. Senior is a CFA charterholder, member of the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute, and a member of the Drug Industry Association (DIA).

Stephen J. Sullivan - INNOVATIONS in Pharmaceutical Development Panelist

CRO Advisors LLC services include strategy assessment and development, organizational evaluation and design, acquisition targeting and due diligence, bidding, pricing and negotiation support, post-merger integration management, team building, restructuring support, process improvement, governance support for owners and operators, senior leader coaching and interim management services.

Sullivan was President and CEO of Harlan Laboratories, a major pre-clinical CRO from 2006-2010. From 1999-2006 he headed most of the clinical divisions of Covance, Inc. Prior to Covance, Sullivan was Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Xenometrix, Inc., a drug discovery tool company. Previously, he served in several senior management positions at Abbott Laboratories, including Vice President of Worldwide Marketing for Abbott Diagnostics, and Vice President and General Manager of the Diagnostic Assay Sector and also held senior management positions at Lyphomed, Inc., Dart and Kraft Inc., and Baxter International.

Sullivan has served on several public, private and not-for-profit boards and is currently Chairman of Interpace Diagnostics, Inc. (NASDAQ:IDXG), a molecular diagnostics lab, Chairman of MI Bioresearch, Inc., a venture-backed oncology discovery services company, Chairman of Analytical Lab Group LLC, comprised of three microbiology service companies, and Board Member of TransnetYX, Inc., the leader in genotyping of research models in drug development.

Recent exits/boards include Firma Clinical Research where Steve was Chairman for three years sold to Northlane Capital, PHT Corporation sold to eResearch, MediMedia Pharma Services to Icon. PLC, PDI contract sales to Publicis and BioreclamationIVT to Arsenal Capital.

Steve was an infantry company commander in the U. S. Marine Corps and received his MBA from Rutgers University and B.S. from the University of Dayton. Academic experience includes 14 years as an Adjunct Professor of International Business, Policy and Strategy, and Leadership at the Kellogg Graduate School of Management Northwestern University from 1983-1997.

In 2016, Steve created and regularly teaches “Drug Development from Discovery to Post-approval” at Georgetown University, School of Biotechnology, Georgetown University Medical Center where he is an Adjunct Professor.

Richard F. Cimino - INNOVATIONS in Pharmaceutical Development Panelist

Mr. Richard F. Cimino is an independent consultant who focuses on growth equity in the Health Services sector. Mr. Cimino has served on several boards. Currently he is the Executive Chairman of TwoLabs Inc. and a Director of Evolution Research Group. Previously, Mr. Cimino was non-Executive Chairman of the Board of MedAvante Inc., a privately held pharma services sector company. Mr. Ciminos’ primary responsibilities as Chairman included; governance, strategy, succession planning and key initiative planning and implementation.  Mr. Cimino also served as an independent director for BioClinca Inc. (NASDAQ: BIOC) for six years.

Mr. Cimino is a seasoned executive in the Pharma Services sector where he served as Executive Vice President and Group President Clinical Development and Commercialization Services at Covance, Inc.  Mr. Cimino oversaw global operations in 60+ countries for; Clinical Pharmacology, Early Clinical Development, Phase II/IV Clinical Development, Commercialization Services as well as Covance’s Molecule Development Group. He was a member of the company’s Operating Committee, Executive Committee and Benefits Committee.  Mr. Cimino also directed corporate strategy and reported directly to the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Additionally, Mr. Cimino held several senior management positions during a 20-year career at Eastman Kodak.  Most notably, he served as Corporate Vice President, Health Imaging Group, where he was instrumental in the digital transformation of Kodak’s second-largest business, now Carestream Health Inc.  Mr. Cimino holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from the State University of New York at Geneseo.

Richard J. Riegel - INNOVATIONS in Pharmaceutical Development Panelist

Richard J. Riegel leads LMC Advisory, LLC, which was established to provide advisory and consulting services for investors and organizations that are focused on high growth solutions opportunities in life sciences.  Services provided and experiences include market assessment, buy-side advisory, board membership, and mentoring and advising company leadership teams on strategy, go-to-market and building equity value.

He is a CEO with a proven track record of successfully transforming solutions companies to higher growth, greater profitability and increased shareholder value.  He serves as the vice chairman of the board of Phlexglobal, Inc. and he previously served as the company’s Chief Executive Officer before his retirement in early 2019.  Phlexglobal provides specialized technology and expert services solutions for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry across the Trial Master File, Clinical and Regulatory processes.  Under his four years of leadership, Phlexglobal grew significantly, improved profitability, established a significant services operation in Poland, and he led the sale process to new private equity ownership.   He also serves on the Board of Advisors of Gens & Associates and Adaptive Clinical.

Previously, as CEO of LIQUENT, he managed the divestiture of LIQUENT out of Thomson Reuters to private equity ownership, and after transforming the company to higher growth and profitability, led the sale of LIQUENT to PAREXEL, a leading Clinical Research Organization.

Throughout his 30-plus year career, Riegel has held key positions with increasing responsibilities in the technology and professional services industries as a CEO, vice president, general manager, and head of sales, supporting companies in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries including IBM, First Consulting Group, Taratec Development and Barnett International.

Riegel earned a Master of Business Administration degree from Villanova University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State. He lives in West Chester, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Tracy.  They have three grown daughters.

Jeff Ellis - INNOVATIONS in Pharmaceutical Development Panelist

Jeff Ellis co-founded Crosstree Capital Partners in 2004 and is responsible for leading the firm’s coverage of diagnostic products and services, life sciences tools, and pharmaceutical testing laboratories. He has 20 years of advisory experience working with clients ranging from large multinational corporations to entrepreneur-owned companies.

Ellis has successfully completed transactions throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Prior to Crosstree, Ellis was employed as an investment banker with Banc of America Securities. Ellis holds a BS in finance from the University of Florida and a MBA from the University of South Florida.

Gordon Ryerson - INNOVATIONS in Pharmaceutical Development Panelist

Gordon Ryerson has over 20 years of investment banking and strategic consulting experience across the pharmaceutical, medical device and pharma services industries.

After co-founding Crosstree Capital Partners, Ryerson was Managing Director for Novumed Life Sciences (later acquired by E&Y Europe) leading the Global Strategic Advisory practice for pharmaceutical and medtech in- and out-licensing strategies.

Ryerson has worked in the Life Sciences industry for more than 25 years, previously at OccamMD, William R. Hough & Co., and the Eckerd Drug Corporation. Ryerson holds a BS in Economics from Auburn University and a MBA from the University of South Florida.

Richard Thomas - INNOVATIONS in Pharmaceutical Development Panelist

Former Board of Directors for Bracket, THREAD research, Signant Health, ProPharma Group and Advarra. Current Strategic Advisory Board Member for Genstar Capital and President & CEO R Ventures Inc., a consulting firm offering a wide range of investment, advisory and consulting services for investors and organizations that are focused on high growth services opportunities in healthcare, life sciences and technology.

Richard has been an investor and partner with one of
the world’s leading private equity and early-mid market companies focused on technology and services in life sciences and healthcare, investing and providing M&A, operational and advisory services. Over 30 M&A transactions completed since 2016 including many pivotal pharma services deals.

Richard says that he has benefited immeasurably from working with a “tribe” of great people and organizations across multiple industries over his 30 year career – which he now channels and focuses into serving a portfolio of innovative investors and companies that are using technology to effect positive change in healthcare and life sciences.

Todd Grosshandler- INNOVATIONS in Pharmaceutical Development Panelist

Former Co-Founder and owner of Enthalpy Analytical, Executive Director of Sales at Covance (LabCorp’s Drug Development Business), President and CEO of Integrated Laboratory Systems and currently, Executive Vice President, Head of Commercialization at Montrose Environmental Group, a high-growth environmental services company with more than 50 locations and 1,200 employees throughout North America.

As an entrepreneur and seasoned life science executive, Todd has a 25-year proven track record in building, growing, and leading successful organizations. Positions have included being a successful Business Owner, CEO, Board Member, Executive Director, and Executive with responsibilities throughout the United States and Europe.

Todd played critical roles in a variety of venture investments, buyouts, acquisitions, and mergers – from target identification and due diligence through management of the ensuing integration processes.

Dan Snyder - INNOVATIONS in Pharmaceutical Development Panelist

Former Founder and CEO of Protein Solutions, Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Hemodyne and MolecularMD before becoming its Chief Operating Officer and eventually CEO.

Dan is currently serving as the Senior Vice President, Commercial for Tasso Inc. in the Seattle Washington area which has developed innovative technologies designed to decentralize blood collection supporting applications in drug development, diagnostics and novel blood testing methods.

Dan is a proven, authentic executive leader with over 20 years’ of experience in driving growth and building value in venture-backed health science organizations, including MolecularMD, an oncology focused molecular diagnostic company acquired by ICON plc. Throughout his career, Dan has excelled in matching novel technologies with validated market applications and thrives when working with passionate technology developers and early product champions. Dan is a customer-centric commercial leader who inspires organizations to succeed by intimately aligning external market indicators with internal organizational vision and strategy.


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