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INNOVATE™ Lausanne is a 300-page premium coffee-table book, complete with augmented reality videos, that showcases all the people, companies, products, and services that are leading the race within Lausanne’s innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem. In addition, we built an online platform and a network with a common goal of ensuring Lausanne’s best innovations and innovation enablers connect and succeed.

Recently ranked the best small city in the world, Lausanne is the first city in Switzerland to join the international INNOVATE™ family. INNOVATE™ Lausanne highlights and celebrates the companies and individuals that are actively working at building a better tomorrow for all. The stories of Lausanne’s most innovative organisations and innovation enablers provide a snapshot of the city as it grows and evolves.

Nominations are now open and this is your chance to help showcase the innovators that you know, to the world! Nominate a deserving company or person to be featured in INNOVATE™ Lausanne using the link below:

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