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From the University of Florida to the Butterfly Rainforest, Gainesville is as innovative as it is diverse. INNOVATE GAINESVILLE explores the city’s innovation ecosystem in 200+ pages of tech-enabled features, focusing especially on industries and ventures that make the city unique. While Gainesville is known for its educational institutions, INNOVATE GAINESVILLE showcases such programs as UF INNOVATE, Innovation Academy, University of Florida – Alachua County, and Buccholz High School’s Academy of Entrepreneurship, among others, revealing just how deep those roots reach—and the way they reach always toward innovation.

In Gainesville and in the pages of INNOVATE GAINSEVILLE alike, you’ll find Brio Cold Brew, Admiral VRM (Visitor Relationship Management); and Paracosm, who create handheld, ultra-fast 3D scanners. INNOVATE GAINESVILLE also features Gainesville Prosthetics, EnCor Biotechnology, Inc., and others in its Medical Innovations chapter—which, alongside a strong showing in its Marketing & Events chapter, including SharpSpring, Advanced Digital Media, Eventplicity, and Accelerate Digital Media—reveal the breadth of the city’s innovation. Watch this space for more innovation stories coming out of The Tree City.

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