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From the University of Florida to the Butterfly Rainforest, Gainesville is as innovative as it is diverse. INNOVATE® Gainesville explores the city’s innovation ecosystem in 200+ pages of tech-enabled features, focusing especially on industries and ventures that make the city unique.

While Gainesville is known for its educational institutions, INNOVATE® Gainesville showcases such programs as UF Innovate, and Innovation Academy, University of Florida – Alachua County, among others, revealing just how deep those roots reach—and the way they reach always toward innovation.

In Gainesville and in the pages of INNOVATE® Gainesville alike, you’ll find brio! Cold Brew, Admiral VRM (Visitor Relationship Management); and Paracosm, who create handheld, ultra-fast 3D scanners.

INNOVATE® Gainesville also features Gainesville Prosthetics and others in its Healthcare & Health Tech chapter—which, alongside a strong showing in its Marketing & Events chapter, including SharpSpring, Advanced Digital Media, and Accelerate Digital Media—reveal the breadth of the city’s innovation. Watch this space for more innovation stories coming out of The Tree City.

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Pablo Casillimas - INNOVATE® Gainesville Publishing Partner

Pablo Casilimas is the founder and CEO of Rootex, a content marketing agency specializing in video production. Rootex is a content marketing agency that is made up of a blend of talented creatives and marketing experts in order to give our clients the highest return on their marketing dollars.

In addition, Pablo is the co-founder and chairman of the ONESIXONE Group, an organization created to help entrepreneurs and startups connect with the resources they need to grow in an organic way (@onesixonegroup). Pablo is also the host on the ONESIXONE Report, a platform that puts on virtual events featuring accomplished entrepreneurs, and bringing resources and support to local business owners.

Pablo moved to Gainesville in 2014 to attend the University of Florida as a student in the Innovation Academy. During his time at UF, Pablo served as an ambassador for the Innovation Academy, a Resident Assistant and a member of the Entrepreneurship Club. During Pablo’s 3rd year attending UF, he competed and won in the Big Idea Competition; this allowed him to move Rootex into the Reitz Union for an academic year as part of the Gator Hatchery program in the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center (EIC). 

For the past 4 years, Pablo has woken everyday on a mission to answer the question “What makes an entrepreneur succeed rather than fail?” Since before Rootex was founded, Pablo has consumed every book on business that he could get his hands on. Pablo’s mission is two-fold, to help as many startups as possible grow & succeed, and to get businesses & organizations the best return on their marketing dollars – whether that means producing a dynamic promo video for them or referring them to a strategic partner. 

As part of his quest to understand what leads to a startup’s success, Pablo started a podcast so he would have the opportunity to interview world class entrepreneurs and understand what were the common traits and what factors led to success in each scenario. The podcast is called the Art of Biz and is co-hosted with his mentor Martin Schaffel. 

In his free time, Pablo does competitive powerlifting and is a semi-pro salsa dancer & instructor. He also mentors students in the Innovation Academy at UF, the Gator Hatchery at the EIC, as well as creative students in the video production programs at UF, Santa Fe College & Gainesville High School. Pablo speaks often on the 3 subjects that he knows best: Marketing, Personal Branding, & Networking.

To learn more, connect with Pablo on linkedin or instagram.


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