Miami is not only a vibrant city rich with energy and opportunity, but it’s home to a thriving art scene too! Boasting some of the world’s top galleries, museums, and exhibitions and home to Art Basel Miami it’s a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the arts! The art reflects this culturally diverse city with a strong Latin American influence. The inaugural edition of INNOVATE® ART MIAMI will showcase the artists, support organizations, institutions, organizations, and individuals who have contributed to the growing art culture and shine a light on the incredible work that is being created in this region. The book will also take a look at the growing NFT community and its contribution to the city and the arts. This book, complete with an AR video series and online platform will not only be published in hardcover format but will be released as an NFT – one of the first in the publishing world!

For more information on INNOVATE® ART MIAMI please email Samuel Verreault or Nadine Minott.

Samuel Verreault - INNOVATE Art Miami Publishing Partner

Also known as ST4M1NA, Samuel is a Montreal-born and Toronto-based artist specialized in vibrant photography artworks and bilingual Hip-Hop music. His professional journey in art started through fighting stress and anxiety during his Kinesiology studies at the University of Toronto. His work eventually turned into a deep passion to use creativity without any boundaries.

In 2019, he first released his debut album “New Beginnings” featuring 11 songs with French and English verses to showcase both elements of Montreal & Toronto’s culture. He was featured in Quebec’s Spotify’s new emerging artist for his track “Living Legend”. The album embraced ST4M1NA’s philosophy on being resilient and striving to live with a positive mindset with tracks like “No Anxiety” and “No Regrets”.

By continuously experimenting with album cover ideas and photography concepts, he learned about NFTs in 2020 and released his Genesis Collection “Northside Champions” on Opensea featuring 11 black & white photography shots of the Toronto Raptors NBA Championship Parade in 2019. This collection features unseen historical moments of various basketball players and other Toronto figures that shaped the culture of the 6ix during their NBA Championship Year.

By travelling in different cities, his photography skills continuously evolved and landed him his first official art exhibition in October 2021 at the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel in Toronto over a period of 6 months. Shortly after, Momofuku’s restaurant located in the prestigious Shangri-la Hotel featured 8 custom pieces revolving around the Skylines & waterfront theme.

In the ongoing future, ST4M1NA’s mission is to elevate the NFT and art culture in the real estate development, property management, restaurant, and Hospitality industry. His dream is to see every single building covered in art for anyone to appreciate and experience. Art as essential for a city’s economic and cultural growth not simply defined as a luxury.

For more information please contact Samuel at [email protected]

Nadine Minott - INNOVATE Art Miami Publishing Partner

As a young professional and lover of art and creative expression, I look forward to co-publishing this exciting initiative with Samuel Verreault.

I believe in making a difference in the community via innovative thinking and using creativity to enhance communities using creatively-driven engaging projects. When I’m not immersed in the art world I enjoy a strong coffee, a good book, and a challenging project!

For more information on INNOVATE® ART MIAMI please email: [email protected]

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