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DeskLodge is a community of award-winning coworking spaces, built with productivity in mind. Our innovative spaces offer a blend of coworking, private offices, fixed desks, and meeting rooms. With a focus on building innovative communities and collaborations, we aim to help businesses grow and attract the best talent, whilst enjoying our amazing workplace culture.

DeskLodge is best known for our bespoke, quirky décor; it singles us out from everyone else by creating a colorful and fun environment that keeps you inspired, and your mind active and stimulated!

We also believe strongly in diversity in every sense and create coworking spaces for everyone from large tech firms, to accountants, and graphic designers through to specialist gardening businesses. There is a space for everyone, from all backgrounds and industries.

We understand that flexibility is essential for our members and offer a range of membership options and packages, to ensure their productivity is at its peak, helping them to attract the best talent and have an amazing workplace culture, within a fantastic community.


Inspired by the amazing Google office space and by the idea to create a local coworking village to cut down on long commutes, DeskLodge founder Tom Ball opened the first DeskLodge at Old Market in Bristol in 2015, following a few experimental and temporary coworking hubs along the way.

“I think having very different people, with very different ways of thinking, working in a space together, is important. We are also thinking about how to make the space more and more inclusive.

“We watch which places get used the least and try to swap them for better places and create more of the most popular seats. We can’t seem to get enough of the bar-height tables!”

DeskLodge is currently based in two thriving UK locations; Bristol and Basingstoke.

Bristol was named one of the Top 10 cities for tech in Europe and the top environmentally sustainable city in the UK.

Basingstoke is an up-and-coming location that was named one of the Top 5 places for investment in digital technology in the UK. We are super proud of our locations!

We like to involve ourselves with local technology events, promoting and encouraging networking and collaboration, whilst championing other local events, including the amazing Wallace and Gromit sculpture trail event that saw many brilliant DeskLodgers raising lots of money towards the local children’s hospital (https://desklodge.com/desklodgeblogs/2018/9/11/gromitgrandappealdesklodge?rq=grand).

DeskLodge is like a family; we pride ourselves on having an amazing, friendly team that will always go that extra mile to give our customers the best service in a safe, diverse, and comfortable environment. We keep things fresh by running creative and varied events and social meet-ups to help DeskLodgers make new friends and start conversations for new business collaborations.

One of our best achievements was winning the Entrepreneurial Coworking Space of the Year trophy-less than a year after we had opened! We are also very proud to be chosen as one of the 15 coolest offices in the world by The Telegraph, which was just amazing for us! (https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2016/09/08/the-15-coolest-offices-in-the-world/desklodge-tent/)

Our visions for the future are to expand DeskLodge to up-and-coming, secondary UK cities such as Brighton, Sheffield, and Cardiff, sharing the coworking love whilst encouraging productivity, inclusivity, and growth.

DeskLodge Founder Tom Ball’s vision
“Coworking will die and it will just be called working. Coworking is currently a massive trend; 100 years ago companies would build and own their power station, but now they use the national grid. I think offices are going the same way. You wouldn’t build your own building and offices anymore; you choose to use a space and cowork within it. Offices are not about impressing clients anymore; they are about attracting the best talent and helping them do their best work.

“When you choose an office you are effectively choosing the culture you will be working in, you choose a culture that will impact your team, to make it the most productive and fun it can be, so they enjoy being at work.

“At DeskLodge we recognise the importance of having very different spaces and zones to work in, from fun meeting spaces to quiet spaces, and within those you need different types of furniture, from comfy armchairs with laptop tables in hotdesking spaces to stand-up meeting areas for quick team meet-ups. We work hard to make our spaces productive, to work for everyone.

“I’m passionate that everyone should be very welcome. Corporates are very different to freelancers but the people aren’t nearly as different as we like to think. Especially the ones who like DeskLodge!

“Diversity in every sense is wonderful, a freelance graphic designer can learn a lot from a corporate accountant and vice versa. I think grown-ups invented work so they could play together.”

Testimonial from A DeskLodger
“DeskLodge has been perfect for a startup business like Good Sixty. It’s great to be working in a variety of really exciting businesses and interesting people. The staff at DeskLodge are just awesome! It’s really refreshing to see a team that genuinely really care about the people working here and are always eager to help whenever they can.” —Chris, Good Sixty.


(+44) 0117 3830130
DeskLodge House, Redcliffe Way, Bristol, BS1 6NL
DeskLodge, 5th Floor 1 Temple Way Bristol, BS2 0BY

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