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For more than 100 years, Dale Carnegie has helped companies of all sizes create a vibrant, sustainable workforce by fostering environments where people thrive on positive, productive relationships. In the months and years to come, we’ll continue to be your partner in creating inspiring, effective development opportunities for everyone from new hires to high performers, all the way to the top.


Founded in 1912, Dale Carnegie has evolved into an international organization that crosses borders and generations, showing people how to tap into the best parts of themselves to create positive change. Our original body of knowledge has been regularly updated, expanded and refined through a century’s worth of real-life business experiences. Our courses and programs are available in 80 countries, all 50 states and in more than 30 languages.
At Dale Carnegie, we invigorate your employees by drawing out their natural strengths, building the courage and confidence they need to take command of their work and achieve the unexpected. As we help them excel, your employees will gain the trust and respect of the people around them, creating a culture that works harder for you at all levels of your organization. With more support, your team can take the lead in putting their ideas into action more efficiently, increasing their performance, along with your company’s, by working smarter at every step. We help companies of all sizes generate revenue, increase productivity and reduce costs by revealing their bright and resourceful workforce. Together, we’ll set your team in motion and help your entire organization reach new heights, powered by the unique talents of your employees.

Our training is built on extensive business experience and ongoing market research to keep our training solutions relevant and effective regardless of client size, need, or industry. Dale Carnegie offerings are delivered by certified instructors and available in flexible formats including: in-person, trainer-facilitated online, and large seminar. Through hands-on exercises, role-playing, situational coaching, real-time feedback, and practical real-world assignments; your people will apply what they have learned immediately on the job and in all areas of life.


We are at a unique time in business where there are as many as four generations of employees working within any one organization – this presents business challenges. A banking client recognized that there was often a disconnect between generations within their workforce.

Our collaboration resulted in a highly personalized program demonstrating how diversity supports individual and team success. By using customized case studies as a mechanism to begin the conversation, employees learned how to overcome perceived barriers, move past misconceptions and strengthen their ability to be more open and collaborative. The environment now is more inclusive, engaging and one that encourages unique perspectives and experiences. Diversity is embraced, employees feel valued and have a voice that is welcomed.

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