Working Everyday In The Interest Of Our Customers And Society

As part of the Crédit Agricole Group – one of the largest European banking groups – Credibom is a bank specialized in consumer credit and a leader in Portugal, particularly in automotive financing.

Established in 1995, Credibom focus is to adapt its products and services to the needs of its partners and clients. It’s about adding value to the relationship and serving our customers with the best service. We recognize each person and each partner value different dimensions on a banking relationship. Today Credibom holds active relationships with almost 1.000 partners and over 250.000 clients.

The vision of the group “working every day in the interest of our customers and society” defines our “raison d’être”, where we try to offer different and innovative solutions for the Portuguese market – one example is the e-signature process, in which Credibom was the 1st bank in Portugal to implement it since 2016.

Credibom never stop its support for the Portuguese economy – we established a partnership with APDCA1 to develop an online marketplace2 to enable our partners to successfully master the car online sales process, no matter its dimension; never stop the financing activity since the arising of the pandemic environment in 2020, to its partners and clients. Credibom ambition is to win the preference of our clients and partners through simplicity and the joy of working together.

1 APDCA – Associação Portuguesa do Comércio Automóvel
2 Piscapisca.pt

Regarding Pisca Pisca, a year after its deployment already is the #1 platform in number of cars presented to consumers, showing the high level of commitment the bank dedicates to its stakeholders and society.

The customer focus of Credibom is recognized by the market, in different dimensions:
• Benchmark in customer satisfaction and recommendation: Prémio 5 Estrelas 2021, IPSOS Customer Recommendation Index in:
#1 in the Portuguese market, e-Komi above 4.9;
• Market share of 14.2% in 2020, regarding consumer credit solutions for Private Individuals;
• Healthy profitability with a ROE above 20%;
• Succeeding in establishing partnerships with large Portuguese retail banks.

Finally, and with a successful trajectory on the last years, Credibom was nominated as one of the best companies to work in Portugal.


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