A high-tech organization in marine biotechnologies!

The CRBM is recognized for its unique positioning as a transfer research organization in marine biotechnologies. With the investment of the Government of Quebec and Canada, completed by industrial contributions, the CRBM team leads projects framed by a solid scientific program oriented towards two research axes: health and well-being and the environment.

The CRBM’s mission is to support and contribute to growth of the marine biotechnology sector through research, scientific development and industrial transfer activities, particularly in life sciences.

Since the beginning of its activities in 2004, the MBRC has carried out innovation projects and services for more than 300 companies and organizations in Quebec, Canada and internationally in marine biotechnology field and complementary sectors. The multidisciplinary of the team, technicians, specialists, team leaders and researchers focuses on customers accompaniment, procurement of marine ingredients and molecules, evaluation of biological functional properties, development and application of analytical and quality control methods and the development of pilot bioprocesses.

In order to accelerate the commercialization of the results of its work, the MBRC maintains certifications accordance with good manufacturing practices (GMP) and laboratory practices (GLP) required for targeted markets like pharmaceuticals, natural health products, cosmetics and disinfectants.

Several innovation projects are underway including development and validations of analytical methods for the prevention of industrial microbial biofilm, evaluation of different extracts in regards with actives compounds and purity; development of biosynthetic and sustainable bait for lobster fishing; biotransformation of an industrial co-product into biofuel for marine transport and the development of chemical and genomic identity assessment methods to verify of marine food products authenticity.

For investment in innovation oriented towards marine biodiversity and its unique genetic resources for the sustainable development of valuable technologies, bioproducts and applications.


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