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BioTelemetry, Inc. is the leading mobile and wireless medical technology company focused on the delivery of health information to improve quality of life and reduce cost of care. BioTelemetry focuses on advancing connected health by providing best-in-class technology and services that enable healthcare providers
to monitor and diagnose patients and clinical research subjects in a more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective manner.

BioTelemetry, Inc. is comprised of four divisions: BioTel Heart®, BioTel Research, BioTel Alliance, and BioTel Care.

Diagnosis and monitoring of cardiac arrhythmias or heart related disorders in a healthcare setting.
As a pioneer in remote patient monitoring, BioTel Heart revolutionized healthcare with the first MCOT™ (Mobile Cardiac Outpatient Telemetry) system. Founded on an innovative, patented technology that received FDA clearance for core monitoring, MCOT provides heartbeat-to-heartbeat ECG monitoring service and analysis 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. The proprietary algorithm of MCOT offers automatic detection with rate, rhythm, AF with p-wave analysis and QRS morphology algorithm, as well as correlated Heart Rate Trend and AF, PVC and PAC Burdens. BioTel Heart offers a comprehensive portfolio of cardiac monitoring devices, is the largest and most profitable connected health platform, and monitors more than one million patients per year.

Cardiac monitoring and imaging services for drug trials in a clinical research environment.
BioTel Research provides centralized cardiovascular and imaging testing services in clinical trials. BioTel Research is experienced in all phases of clinical trials (I-IV), and with global reach, scientific expertise, and on-time data delivery meets the demands of studies for the world’s largest pharmaceutical organizations, specialty pharmaceutical firms, emerging biotechnology companies, contract research organizations (CRO’s) and medical device manufacturers. In addition, they also provide advanced imaging analyses in oncology, cardiology, neurology and metabolic, musculoskeletal and medical device studies.

Develops, manufactures and markets medical devices to medical companies, clinics and hospitals.
BioTel Alliance develops, manufactures and markets medical devices to medical companies, clinics, and hospitals, and focuses on the manufacturing, engineering, and development of noninvasive cardiac monitors for healthcare companies around the world.

Remote monitoring and analysis of blood glucose for diabetes population health management.
BioTel Care is led by innovators in patient-care monitoring that developed the first FDA-cleared cellular connected blood glucose meter. This blood glucose technology is the first cellular-enabled solution that connects everyone who can help patients manage their condition, including healthcare professionals, clinical services, educational resources, and their network of family and friends. The device delivers messages and reminders to patients, along with personalized education, and provides their doctors with timely updates on their health.

BioTelemetry, Inc. headquarters are in Malvern, PA and employs over 1600 people throughout the United States, Denmark, Macedonia, Japan, and the UK. To learn more about the exciting innovations and opportunities at BioTelemetry, Inc., visit gobio.com.


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