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Benepath, founded in 2004 by Clelland Green, has brought a new and improved way of generating insurance quotes for consumers and leads for agents The Newtown Square, PA-based company is diligent in its desire to generate the best leads, products, and services, and offer them at fair prices. They believe in researching and road testing the best technology, information, and resources to pass on to their customers.

Clelland Green, Founder


Benepath prides themselves on their ability to provide one-on-one service to their customers with a local agent who is educated in the most up-to-date information in their area. This way the customer does not have to be passed around from agent to agent, making less competition for the agent and less hassle for the consumer. Consumers are connected with their own agent to discuss their needs and budget with, and that same agent will provide them with quotes and sign them up without a fee. This entire process is done with the most advanced safety and online privacy technology on the market. Customers never have to worry about their information being stolen, and because they are connected to just one agent, there is no worry about information sharing or third-party selling.


Even though Benepath is small they’ve developed world-class technology that gives them a competitive advantage.

Online Quotes from Local Agents:

They are the only national website where a consumer can get online health, Medicare and life insurance quotes that come from a local agent.

Deep Understanding of Where Sales Come From:

Any company who sells over the phone or face to face and gets their leads from the internet has a real problem understanding where their sales come from; which impacts their sales teams and their profitability. Benepath’s live integration with multiple CRM’s solves that problem and helps companies understand the keywords, ads, landing pages, devices, etc that drive their sales allowing them to allocate scarce advertising dollars to the right places.


Recently awarded ‘Best Places To Work in Philadelphia’, Benepath strives for a strong family-like work environment that employees actually enjoy walking into. Benepath soared in all the categories based on their work environment, personal growth, professional development, and ability to embrace new ideas. Out of hundreds of companies in the Philadelphia area that were nominated, Benepath was one of the few chosen.  As one of the employees stated:

Benepath understands the work/life balance and provides flexibility to allow for outside demands. Employees care for each other, are supportive and have fun.

- Benepath Employee

Rich Data Improves Prospect Interactions:

Understanding more about any prospect helps companies craft better solutions for their customers. Benepath’s real-time lead enhancement technology provides a deeper insight into every lead generated on their platform.

Artificial Intelligence is a topic every CEO has to consider for their long term success and Benepath Will Be Leading the Pack over the coming years.


Benepath offers a variety of insurance products. The company provides services to people looking for insurance, as well as to insurance agents looking for leads. EZ.Insure is the flagship website for people looking for health insurance, Medicare supplements, life insurance, group health insurance, and/or commercial insurance quotes. It also serves as an information hub for all health and insurance news. EZ.Insure prides itself on being a resource for people looking to improve their lifestyle and keep on top of new trends. The information provided will help people of all ages make healthier choices by providing tips for a healthier diet, exercises to try regularly, and information on sexual health. Agents looking for completely exclusive leads can visit www.benepath.net.



4663 W Chester Pike
Newtown Square, PA 19073

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