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AireHealth’s portable nebulizer and connected care mobile application helps 100+ million people in the U.S. living with respiratory illness (including 29 million wheezy kids) be more proactive in their respiratory care, to improve outcomes and lower the overall cost of care for their respiratory illness.

Chronic respiratory illness currently costs the U.S. healthcare system $50 billion annually—and proactive respiratory care has been shown to dramatically lower these costs. AireHealth’s connected mobile application helps patients stay informed of potential illness triggers and allows them to take action and be more proactive with their care. Also, AireHealth’s portable nebulizer, with its IP protected high-performance micromesh, effectively delivers more medication to the lungs where it is needed the most. Finally, AireHealth’s smart-connected nebulizer also empowers physicians with comprehensive information and data points to help them educate and inform patients on how to best manage their respiratory care.

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“Our mission is to disrupt the respiratory industry by revolutionizing the way drugs are delivered, the way technology is used to improve and save lives. We are passionate about the health and safety of the families who are inconvenienced by respiratory disease and ineffective drug delivery methods.” —Jason Eichenholz, PhD, AireHealth Co-Founder
Asthma is one of the leading diagnoses of respiratory illness, and it accounts for over two million emergency department visits annually.
AireHealth is empowering patients with knowledge of their environment and the impact it has on their condition, as well as giving them the ability to monitor the effectiveness of their respiratory care at home. AireHealth’s smart-connected nebulizer also enables physicians to use the data collected to provide strategic care that fosters the best patient outcomes—while simultaneously lowering healthcare costs.
If you take a look around the AireHealth office, it’s easy to see that their company ethos is inspired by delivering forward-thinking and mission-driven results. Motivating artwork and powerful mantras adorn the walls, encouraging the team to “dream big” and to “explore, create and connect,” which is a galvanizing reminder of what can be achieved when a group of people comes together propelled by a common purpose.
Fueled by a team of dedicated, passionate, and committed healthcare visionaries, AireHealth is patients, caregivers, and providers who deeply understand respiratory illness.
When you are positively impacting the healthcare of millions of people, maintaining the status quo is not an option. Proudly based in Orlando, FL, and taking full advantage of the city’s thriving ecosystem and emerging tech-industry, AireHealth is a team that has its sights firmly focused on the future.
“I have worked in various other cities across the world, but I find Orlando to be the most rewarding in terms of growth and potential. Diversity is welcomed and encouraged here—because we all want the same result—for the city of Orlando to lead Florida in innovation and growth.” —Stacie Ruth, AireHealth Co-Founder
Their smart drug-delivery technology features a groundbreaking proprietary-mesh technology that is superior to any other nebulizer product on the market today, as well as a unique app-based technology designed to pair exclusively with AireHealth’s nebulizer. The end goal to be achieved through all of this innovation? To have a profound impact on the lives of over 400 million people worldwide living with chronic respiratory illness—because put simply, breathing should be easy.


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