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Wootrader Inc., Wesley Chapel Florida Was Founded By Atanas Stoyanov In 2015



Atanas had founded and sold a previous Software Development Company which today is the basis of a Company called After having the proceeds of the sale being managed by an investment advisor and not being happy with the returns he founded Wootrader. Hethen started developing the stock research and investment platform; Financeboards, which utilizes weighted predictive analytics to support the creation of the Financeboards Predictive Analytics Model. This Weighted Predictive Analytics Model, is a tool that measures the performance of 400+ stock metrics from a range of categories (Company Fundamentals, Technicals, Sentiment, Analyst Estimates, and more) and weights the metrics according to their performance, with the weights being used to determine the overall rankings and it became the foundation of the Financeboards Platform. A News blog was also created providing timely and informative news articles on variety of S&P stocks that are also linked to research that has been made available on them. The data for the Financeboards metrics comes from a vast variety of integrated data partners data sources, including; Benzinga, Quandl, Zacks, TradingView, IEX, Semrush, TipRanks, Orats and Quantcha. The Financeboards platform uses those weighted stock metrics to dynamically rank a group of over 4000 stocks daily and make the results available to platform registrants who are made up of Active Stock Market Traders and Investors. Another feature that was added was the ability to add a ticker symbol in a searchable box on the platform and instantly have all of the widgets on all the dashboards updated with that stocks information being displayed. Another one of the improvements included a graphical daily update of the predictive model and its screeners, the models that they are a part of and the categories that also make up the overall Model. Separate historical information on the categories performance history and Models performance history has now also been made available graphically on the website. Finally, eight of the largest and most innovative brokerages were integrated into the allowing platform registrants and subscribers the ability to research a stock and then immediately place a trade if the research supported making an investment. These brokerages include TDAmeritrade, Scottrade, OptionsHouse, Fidelity, TradeKing, TradeStationTradier, and Ally Investment Group. In 2016 Financeboards introduced a number of additional major enhancements to the platform, one being the ability to configure your own dashboard(s) of financial data and information by selecting from over 500 preconfigured widgets of data and information that are searchable on the platform. These widgets also include data from the Financeboards models and screeners. At the same time over 40 preconfigured dashboards were made available to platform registrants which could be added to from the widget inventory. Likewise,tutorials were made available that took the participant through the steps of being able to take any API piece of data or information and turn it into a widget and apply it to their dashboards on the platform.

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