Over the past 10 years, Varsity Vibe has become a gateway to South Africa’s youth through our revolutionary and evergreen deal and discount app, which relaunched in 2020, and is the first of its kind in the country. We give young South Africans all over the country instant access to exclusive deals from businesses and brands that are relevant to them and their needs, helping them enjoy the perks of student life all at the tap of a button through our Premium and Freemium memberships.

We are not just a student discount app, we strive to empower the country’s youth by creating a community of forward-thinking people who need support as they navigate their studies and enter the workforce, whether that be through who we partner with to deliver experiences that matter, employing a network over 450 Vibe Agents who are on the ground engaging with their peers or working alongside young entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level.

Furthermore, we are able to credibly verify any students across South Africa, making the verification process both integrated and seamless. We also provide a turnkey solution for businesses and leading brands such as Standard Bank, the Gautrain, Superbalist and Takealot.com to better engage with the future leaders/workforce of SA in a trusted and reputable environment, harnessing our experience and insight to create well aligned campaigns that deliver results.

Varsity Vibe started off as a dream in 2010, and in 2011, it became a reality. The business is now 10 years old, and looking back, it has been incredible to witness this small business growing from strength to strength. There is nothing quite like it in the South African market. What was once a simple discount card at a few universities is now a national app and empowering community based business, available to students across the country.

When we relaunched the app in 2020, we saw an incredible uptick in sign-ups, despite the global pandemic and minimal on-campus activity. In July and August 2021, we saw over 20 000 sign-ups in each month, our biggest months yet. This indicates that our offering is working, and that we are aligned with both our big and small partners in what we provide to the youth market.

We have grown from a one-man, self-funded business in 2011 to six full-time employees, and over 450 Varsity Vibe Agents who are on the ground promoting deals, testing stores, running social media campaigns and referring students to our offering. We also went from having 15 partner brands/stores to over 100 partners at over 2 000 stores nationwide and online. This includes approx. 10 student-owned businesses and the list continues to grow.

In the past three years (and despite the pandemic) we’ve achieved some incredible results, with our membership base growing from 50 000 to over 270 000 (over 50% in 2021 alone).


We take a tailored approach to the campaigns we create with our partners, we train all our partner stores on the deals available, we offer constant support to both our members and partners, and we engage with our members directly to engage with how the deals and campaigns are working, while harnessing the technology at our disposal to deliver results.

Our vision is to ensure that students and youth in South Africa have a reliable platform that brings them value, helps them in their day to day life and above all, ensures that they #NeverPayFullPrice.


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