Vancouver Proof

Hi Everyone!

The below ebook is the first draft of the final book. There are still a few empty pages in the book – the first 6 pages will be editorial about what makes Vancouver such an amazing city for startups and entrepreneurs. Then we also have a few pages open where we are still awaiting final signoff from clients that was onboarded at the end.

Please check your feature one more time for the following:

  1. Content – make sure everything is still valid and correct
  2. Spelling 😉 Our editors will also do another run but just in case…
  3. Placement – We placed everyone in the chapters based on our understanding of your business. If we got it completely wrong and you feel that you fit better in a different chapter, please let us know and we can make the change.

Please do not share this draft with the outside world yet – this is for you to confirm that everything is correct.

Thank You

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