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USF Health - College of Pharmacy

COLLEGE OF PHARMACY Innovative Education The USF Health College of Pharmacy launched in 2011 with an approach to pharmacy education that completely flipped the traditional model. Going well beyond the typical retail pharmacist curriculum, the USF pharmacy program is creating a ready workforce based on current employer demands that include more research, direct patient care and drug development. Pharmacists are an integral part of today’s health care teams and will play increasingly stronger roles in tomorrow’s health care landscape. In order to prepare for that future, the USF Health College of Pharmacy took a pioneering approach to pharmacy education and has become the pacesetter for teaching the pharmacists of tomorrow in an ever-changing healthcare field. This innovative curriculum has revolutionized pharmacy education, offering a wider range of more patient-centered interprofessional training, including geriatric pharmacotherapy, translational pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine, health informatics, and leadership and management. We view our pharmacy program as being a clinical apprenticeship as much as it is a degree-producing program. We are training pharmacy health practitioners to graduate with a mindset to transform the healthcare arena, and not simply exist in it. Turning the pharmacy model around Aimed at changing the way patients tap into the expertise of their pharmacists to better manage their health, the USF Health College of Pharmacy launched the USF Health Pharmacy Plus, an on-site pharmacy of the future that goes well beyond simply filling prescriptions by offering advanced support to patients, and a futuristic, hands-on setting for pharmacy student rotations. Pharmacy Plus, a national prototype for providing innovative patient engagement, education and monitoring, offers technology at its core while providing a personalized,patient-centric experience with on-site pharmacists who are part of the entire healthcare team. On display in Pharmacy Plus, you will find the newest of mobile technologies that coincide with the College’s vision of the future: Prescribe medication, prescribe knowledge, and prescribe an app. This vision utilizes the latest innovations in digital platforms and mobile technologies to allow the patient and pharmacist to better track patient health so that interventions can occur before the next visit to the doctor. Also housed in Pharmacy Plus is the Pharmacogenomics Clinic, which is led by our specially trained pharmacist who will use an individual’s genetic information to guide selection of medication or dosage to optimize treatments and minimize adverse drug events. Pharmacy Plus is one of the few clinics offering pharmacogenomics, which hints at the future of pharmacy where all patients are treated with personalized medicine to ensure better health. Transforming drug delivery Nanopharmacy and nanomedicine are unique interdisciplinary sciences that integrate the knowledge of natural sciences and engineering with pharmacy and medicine to develop nanopharmaceuticals, the next phase for targeted drug delivery, diagnosis, treatment monitoring, tissue regeneration, personalized medicine and more. The USF Health College of Pharmacy is taking the lead on research that helps have a better understanding of the burgeoning technological advances in science at the nanoscale. In addition to translational nanomedicine, the College is also pursuing cutting-edge research in basic and clinical pharmacogenomics and industrial pharmacy. These thrusts are in keeping with the recent advances in cell-, genomic-, and nano-technologies, which are expected to revolutionize health care in the 21st Century – enabling us to gain new insights into diagnostics, as well as therapy, and contributing to the development of new generations of pharmaceutical products and services. Leading the way The USF Health College of Pharmacy is boldly redefining pharmacy education to create the next generation of trusted health care advisors. Our groundbreaking research and new treatment models and inventions are helping us lead the vision for the future of science in Tampa Bay and nationally.

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