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We are an enterprise for change in the way we understand health and how it transforms our quality of life. USF Health is committed to improving the full spectrum of health, from the environment to the community, to the individual.

Together, through talent and innovation, USF Health is integrating research, education and health care to reach our shared value – making life better.

USF Health is the partnership of the Morsani College of Medicine, the College of Nursing, the College of Public Health, the College of Pharmacy, the Biomedical Sciences Graduate and Postdoctoral Programs, the School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences, and USF Health Care.

USF Health is an integral part of the University of South Florida, a high-impact, global research university dedicated to student success.


A Transformative Vision Shaping the Future of Medicine Now

Health care is evolving at a rapidly accelerating pace, and the USF Health Morsani College of Medicine is making bold moves to implement and envision the future of health in an era of unprecedented change.

Since the opening of our college 46 years ago, we have been committed to providing the most advanced medical education, research and innovative, patient-centered care available in the Tampa Bay region and beyond. We are comprised of the medical school, the School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences, and the Biomedical Sciences Graduate School and Postdoctoral Programs. We also play an integral part in a health sciences campus that also includes the USF Health Colleges of Nursing, Public Health and Pharmacy and a faculty group practice plan consisting of more than 600 health care professionals. We believe in the spirit of discovery and transformation, and we believe in the future of health.

We are attracting the best and brightest medical students with a 60% increase in applications over the past three years. Our research portfolio has also grown significantly, particularly in the areas of diabetes, cardiovascular sciences, and neuroscience, and our clinical trial volume has doubled in three years.

Building a Leading Infrastructure in the Heart of Downtown Tampa

The new co-located USF Health Morsani College of Medicine and Heart Institute in Water Street Downtown Tampa both symbolizes and houses our trailblazing and ambitious vision. We are one of a select group of medical schools nationwide making the move to the city’s urban core. More than a new building, we are building a future that will change the way we educate and train the next generation of physicians, pioneer new innovations and therapies for heart health, and improve care delivery for patients and their families living in Tampa Bay and beyond. Our all new infrastructure in downtown Tampa, will serve as a key anchor for one of nation’s largest urban redevelopment projects, and world’s first wellness district being planned by Strategic Property Partners.

Medical knowledge is expected to double every 73 days by the year 2020, which greatly affects the way we need to train tomorrow’s doctors. The flexible, functional, efficient and flipped classroom architectural design by Skanska/HOK will adapt to the ever-evolving technological changes in academic medicine now, and decades into the future.

Proximity Drives Opportunities for Collaborative Learning and Discovery

Among its many advantages, the new location will place our college and Heart Institute in close proximity to Tampa General Hospital, our nationally ranked primary teaching hospital where our medical students do most of their clinical training and our clinical faculty admit most of their patients. In addition, our new location will be only 5 minutes away from the USF Health Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation (CAMLS), at the forefront of surgical and clinical training emphasizing the highest quality of care, innovation and patient safety. This world-class center for medical learning and simulated training will help revitalize the urban core, create new jobs, and attract medical device manufacturers and other high-tech industries, including biotech and pharma startups.

Together, through talent and innovation, USF Health is integrating research, education and health care to reach our shared value – making life better.

Speeding Translation of Discoveries from Bench to Bedside to Improve Cardiovascular Care

Seeking answers to the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease – the leading cause of hospitalizations and deaths in Florida and nationwide – is the founding principle of our Heart Institute. It’s an endeavor that has taken on greater urgency in recent years as a growing body of evidence has mounted that cardiovascular disease is the greatest public health threat in our nation.

A large portion of the new building will feature our Cardiovascular Sciences Department. The practice has grown five-fold and is one of the largest in the state with expertise in specialties ranging from cardiac imaging and cardio-oncology to heart failure and electrophysiology. We will assemble a critical mass of cardiovascular researchers and clinicians close to both CAMLS and one of the country’s busiest centers for cardiac surgery, heart transplant and medical cardiology services at Tampa General Hospital.

Our NIH-focused Heart Institute will function as a vital hub with four floors devoted to cardiovascular and precision medicine research. Teams of basic, translational and clinical scientists will work together to translate heart health findings from bench to bedside more effectively and efficiently by better understanding the genetic, molecular, and environmental drivers of heart and vascular disease. Our Heart Institute ultimately aims to better personalize heart health care-related interventions to detect and prevent this dreaded disease before life-threatening complications occur.

Working Across Academic Disciplines to Accelerate Scientific Inquiry and Innovation

While the downtown Heart Institute is expected to yield $28 million a year in additional NIH research expenditures when the new cardiovascular facility attains full capacity, we will continue to grow our other research strengths. These key research areas include brain health at the USF Health Neuroscience Institute, and diabetes at the USF Health Diabetes Center. We also leverage our interprofessional partnerships with the colleges of nursing, public health, pharmacy and the school of physical therapy as well as colleges outside health like engineering, business and arts, in which we particularly invest and excel.

One example is the newly formed Department of Medical Engineering, an interdisciplinary PhD degree program between our college and the USF College of Engineering. The department not only matches our core mission, but it also will allow us to develop a creative learning model for today’s burgeoning field of drug discovery and development, and medical device innovation. Physicians and engineers will work side-by-side in health care environments at Tampa General Hospital and the CAMLS Innovation Center to capitalize on research opportunities turning scientific discoveries into practical health applications. This partnership will greatly improve patient outcomes, and help attract biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to drive regional economic growth.

USF Health


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