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Growing up as a 5th generation farmer working in the family grove, Wes Lehman never imagined his office chair would be anything more than a tractor seat. But during a fateful stint as a musician in a budding folk band, Wes took on the role of social media marketing. He immediately fell in love with the world of digital communications. During this time Wes would routinely visit businesses throughout the Tampa Bay Area that were struggling due to lackluster online presence, but had no budget to hire an agency. He immediately drew parallels to tougher seasons on the farm when shortages of resources led to difficult decisions to be made. But, after observing his father and grandfather for years, Wes was no stranger to creative solutions to unique problems. In the Summer of 2015 Wes launched Urban Buffalo Marketing with the goal of allowing businesses to fully project their voice across every online platform. With the mission of “Recreating the World Online” Urban Buffalo Marketing strives to fully capture the essence of any business and recreate it through web design, social media, and content marketing. By pulling together a flexible, but consistent team, Urban Buffalo has been able to work with businesses spanning from local startups to international corporations. The true passion of their work stems from the desire to bring alive the voice and personality of the brand to an online medium. “Whether it’s recreating a website to feel like you’re walking into that store or cracking a joke on a Tweet through the distinct voice of a brand… we just want to provide the platform for authentic, effective exposure to our client’s customers”, Wes said. For Cindy Kurth, an abstract artist and client, the team at Urban Buffalo used photographs of her in her creative environment and recreated abstract art within her website. Cindy spoke on the project saying, “Urban Buffalo Marketing created an incredible professional, one-of-a-kind website for me that captures the true essence of who I am as a person and an artist… It has transformed my journey as an artist by allowing me to simply paint, and be me.” And to Urban Buffalo Marketing, that’s the sweetest sound they could ever hear.

Phone: 813-727-5941 Email: [email protected] @UBMtampa

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