Our Vision
Tumelo’s vision is a world where all investors can create and benefit from a more sustainable investment system. We want to help every investor have a positive influence on the companies they own. In short, our vision is to give every investor a voice.

What we do
Tumelo is an impact-focused financial technology firm based in Bristol. We partner with investment and pension providers, enabling them to provide their customers with transparency over the companies they own and a shareholder voice on issues they care about, such as gender equality or climate change.

Our solution is white-label software delivered via APIs and/or a user-facing platform. Our software integrates with existing investment platforms improving customer engagement, acquisition and retention for providers. Our software shows investors the companies they own and empowers them to engage on issues they care about. In doing so, we help investment firms connect with customers so they can better serve people and protect our planet.

Our story
Tumelo was established at Cambridge University, where our founders, Georgia, Will and Ben, campaigned for the sustainable investment of their university’s £6 billion fund.

They recognised a global problem: Millions of ordinary people contribute to our investment system through ISAs, workplace pensions, and other investments. Yet most have no visibility over where their money is going and no voice at the many companies they own through their investments. The result? A society that is disengaged and an investment system that is failing to address critical social, environmental and governance challenges. Tumelo was founded to change this.

The innovation
Tumelo’s solution is inherently innovative as it is the first of its kind. Current market provisions for investment transparency and shareholder engagement are archaic or non-existent in this space. This dearth of transparency and empowerment leads to low financial literacy and small savings pots putting the public at risk of poverty in retirement. It also creates an unsustainable investment system which relies on short-term decision-making and puts profit before purpose.

Tumelo is already changing this narrative as we are proving to educate and engage members, enabling them to interact with their investments positively. Since initial development, Tumelo has launched with two major UK pension providers and four other platforms in the pension, retail investment, and asset management sectors. Tumelo’s solution is currently on line to cover the majority of the UK population’s pension members within the next 3 to 5 years.

As both a leader and pioneer in the field of financial technology, Tumelo is paving the way for better pensions and investments systems. Solutions of this kind will soon be essential for the successful running of any pension scheme or investment platform.


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