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TrueStart Coffee is one of the fastest-growing young drinks brands in the UK. The young, wild for life brand is a reflection of Founders Helena and Simon’s attitude to life – it’s as vibrant and full of personality as their coffee!

Founders Helena and Simon Hills (Centre) with their team Harry (Left) and Nate (Right)

TrueStart’s award-winning range of drinks are the only flavoured Cold Brew Coffees in the world that have no sugar, no calories and nothing artificial. They are vegan and Rainforest Alliance certified, and the coffee comes from where Helena used to live in South America.


TrueStart Coffee is a vibrant, ethical Bristol brand and one of the fastest-growing young drinks businesses in the UK. Founders Helena and Simon Hills launched TrueStart’s range of incredible flavoured Cold Brew Coffee drinks at the start of 2019, after having the idea when they stopped drinking alcohol and quickly became bored of the adult soft drink options in the pub. At one of their favourite music festivals that summer, all they could buy to drink were traditional sugary energy drinks and they ended up making cold coffee in a bottle every day instead.

A recent trip to the US had already sparked Helena and Simon’s interest in cold brew and they saw a massive opportunity to disrupt two industries – coffee and soft drinks – with products that win you over with their uniquely incredible taste, and a brand that has the energy, ethics and provenance to deeply connect with a huge demographic of young coffee lovers.

Huge dinosaur brands dominate the coffee industry, with countless sugary, milky, poor quality products that do not resonate with the younger generation at all – they are worlds apart in terms of ethics and attitudes to life, not to mention the damage caused by the energy drinks industry. Helena and Simon are using cold brew coffee to whip those guys into shape and become the number one coffee choice for a whole generation. They like to challenge how things are done and believe that life should be colourful and vibrant, just like their coffee!

Proudly independent, family-run and packed with good vibes, TrueStart believes in having it all – you can feel on top of the world while doing good for the world. Helena and Simon have massive ambitions for TrueStart, and want to prove that it is possible to become a global brand that makes people feel wild for life without compromising on ethics. High ethical standards thread through everything TrueStart does. Their award-winning drinks are slowly brewed overnight to craft a range of super refreshing, naturally energising drinks that are bursting with flavour but have no sugar, no calories and nothing artificial. TrueStart Cold Brew Coffee is vegan, Rainforest Alliance certified and sourced from where their founder Helena used to live in South America.

TrueStart is bringing a festival mindset to daily life, and provide energy for all of life’s experiences – from the every day to the extraordinary. Helena and Simon certainly don’t do things by halves, they had their first baby just 4 weeks before they launched their drinks, opened TrueStart’s first cafe three months later and now with a 14-month-old at home, they have another baby on the way! Helena said, “We don’t do things by halves but we thrive on diving into the unknown. Life shouldn’t be predictable, because normal is boring! TrueStart is all about encouraging people to embrace their wild side and dive into new adventures. We want you to own the unknown, be your boldest self, and go Wild for Life!”

Bristol is an incredibly vibrant, creative city packed with innovative independent food and drink businesses, making it the natural home for TrueStart. We get bags of energy from this city and are proud to be a part of the booming foodie scene that prioritises local and ethical suppliers over everything.


It’s been a real privilege to support and witness the growth of TrueStart since they joined the NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator in Bristol in 2018. Helena and Simon have consistently demonstrated the growth mindset, innovation and passion that we expect out of our future business leaders and will ensure that TrueStart takes the drinks market by storm. Their commitment to challenging the status quo and success is admirable, as is their ability to secure Rainforest Alliance certification while developing a top quality full flavoured cold brew coffee.

- - Darren Pirie Head of Entrepreneur Proposition & Experience NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland & Ulster Bank

We believe you can feel on top of the world while doing good for the world, and that’s why we’ve partnered with Cycle of Good to turn our waste into beautiful things that help end poverty in one of the poorest communities in the world.

Hessian coffee sacks are beautiful. That’s right. They come in all sorts of prints and are super strong, so it seems like such a waste to use them just once and send them to landfill.

So instead, Cycle of Good takes our old coffee sacks to Malawi, where they employ 12 Malawian tailors full time, paying above national living wage and offering full employment rights such as paid holidays and pensions. These talented tailors transform our sacks (plus old bicycle inner tubes and stunning locally printed cloth) into incredible, functional bags.


  • Best New Beverage Concept – UK Soft Drinks Conference – Winner 2019
  • Gold FAB Award – Non-alcoholic Drinks 2019
  • Helena has been named one of the 100 Most Influential Women in the West two years running (2018 and 2019)
  • Amazon Consumer Business of the Year Finalist 2018
  • Great British Scale-Up Entrepreneur of the Year 2017
  • Bristol’s Best Independent Coffee Retailer 2018
  • Natwest Everywoman Brand of the Future 2017
  • Entrepreneurial Spark Entrepreneur of the Moment 2016
  • RBS Global Focused Women Award Nominee 2016
  • GB Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist 2016

TrueStart Coffee

Runway East, 1 Victoria Street,
Bristol, BS1 6AA, UK

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