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A Fintech Company, Good For The Local Economy, Based In Montreal 

Headquartered in Montreal, IMS is a company built on a thorough knowledge of local shops. Driven by the desire to offer the best experience to customers while strengthening the local economy, the fintech is created in 2014 by Normand Robitaille, François Verdon, and François Bourque, three entrepreneurs cumulating a wide variety of expertise in the payment system, business development, financial services and IT architecture industries.

Understanding the great importance of local economy, the company strives to empower and connect local businesses with their neighborhood by accompanying them to develop better customer relationships and deliver the best customer service experience. While consumers want to support the local economy, they also want a return on their purchases with an immediate reward. On their side, local merchants want access to a loyalty program to retain their clients and bring them a more human and efficient experience, but also earn more revenue without discounting their business.

Hence, Trendigo, IMS’ principal product, is a key-in-hand App, allowing customers to pay and earn rewards in one easy step while providing local merchants the tools to increase their performance and earn a significant margin. Using the NFC technology, members are allowed to perform contactless transactions with one swipe or click via the Trendigo application (available for Android) or the Trendigo card. With every purchase, they instantly get a minimum of 5% in rewards, redeemable on the purchase of their choice at any Trendigo location.

The Trendigo mobile payment app is an electronic wallet, allowing members to add several credit cards, keep track of their rewards and have access to their purchase history. Thanks to the app geo-tracking feature, they can also discover new local businesses around them, bookmark their favorites and browse offers.

The second version of the application projected to be launched first quarter 2019 will integrate a lot of new features including thru-app payment, customer review, and gamification.

Local merchants also have access to the Trendigo back-office, where they can schedule their own promotional calendar for the upcoming month and offer their customers up to 20% in cashback.

Suitable for shopping centres, shops network, and franchises, this innovative payment and loyalty program is available for resale under a white label.

Trendigo is planning a major deployment all across Canada by 2019, as well as an expansion of its development in the United States and Europe by 2020. In the near future, the employment of 80 people is expected. The company also foresees the implementation of an artificial intelligence to follow and understand customers purchasing behaviors, in order to provide businesses with customer information and being able to suggest personalized offers to its members.


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