Chorus Call founder, Dr. Giorgio Coraluppi, started with Compunetics in 1968 when they won the US Navy contract for control and communications equipment, employed in the AWS (Anti-Submarine Warfare) program. The original idea grew to three companies that provide hardware, software and conference services to the international markets.

Dr. Giorgio Coraluppi, founder of Compunetics, Compunetix and Chorus Call

In 1990 Compnetix was formed as a separate corporation to undertake commercial applications of unique, advanced voice and data switching and conferencing technology. Chorus Call Inc. was then started to provide teleconferencing services to the general public. Chorus Call South Africa joined the international group in 2001, and is part of 14 offices in 11 countries around the world.

The group of companies also hold four US Patents, and in 2020 Dr. Coraluppi and Compunetix was inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame for developing a digital system for voice switching and voice distribution to integrate into NASA infrastructure, by allowing software-enabled switching, and eliminating the need for manual switching. This technology is what went on to build the commercial Compunetix bridge hardware used globally today by almost every major conference call provider.

Chorus Call takes the guesswork out to conferencing. From team meetings to large events, we provide a solution for all situations. Every event offers secure SIP lines for higher call quality, operator assistance when you have a problem, high quality recordings available on request, and effortless booking or even just on-demand available 24/7/365.

View of the technology behind the company

Virtual Events suited for all types of company announcements
Whatever unique needs you may have, we can customise our digital events to provide a solution that suits you that brings higher attendance and more engaging events.

Why should location interfere with your attendance?
From our experience, virtual events have a greater audience and higher engagement by making your event more accessible and with more intuitive ways to engage. Live streaming removes any geographical boundaries, allows you to enter a digital queue for questions so every voice can be heard, digital voting with live results and on-demand streaming for digital playback. Perfect for when you cannot have everyone physically attend the presentation or event.

Our Investor Relations services are custom-built to meet your conference needs
We offer the most comprehensive portfolio in Investor Relations. From AGMs to investor briefings, we are the preferred provider of JSE listed companies. Our operations are South African-based, delivering the highest quality product in conferencing.

Take your event to the next level with webcasting
We have developed our feature-rich platform, which we have been delivering webcasts globally for over 15 years; and partner with the leaders in the webcasting business today to bring you the best possible experience.

Managed events make your presentations more professional
We manage your conference to take the stress out of reporting. You can connect multiple sites all into a single conference for your live audience to listen to. Participants can dial into the conference centre or join themselves into your event using our Diamond Pass platform. A dedicated operator will oversee the call, make announcements, or monitor your Q&A session.

Various awards and accomplishments by the group of companies

Start your visual collaboration now
C-Meeting is an innovative platform that goes beyond the limits of traditional web-based communication by integrating audio and webcam support, document sharing, text chatting and more.

We have a variety of support resources available, including our own HD smartphone app to enhance your meetings with clarity beyond comparison. Reduce audio fatigue, decipher accents, and improve comprehension. Outlook integration to schedule your meetings with ease, instant reporting on your conference once it concludes, automated recordings available and delivered to your inbox.


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