Steven Braekeveldt

CEO of Grupo Ageas Portugal

Emotions In A World Of Immortals

- Steven Braekeveldt, CEO of Grupo Ageas Portugal

Grupo Ageas Portugal is in the business of emotions that run deep from birth to death, from happy events through sad events and even catastrophic events. We are in the protection business because caring is what matters in anyone’s life.

People want to protect themselves against decay, illness, accidents and future events because it impacts their lives in a negative way. Emotions remain a key element in any consideration of protecting. It is based on this reflex that Ageas has been a partner of many generations since 1824.

But guess what!

The world might be changing rapidly, and our products need to answer such change with a similar speed, but emotions will always remain at the heart of our business for the next centuries to come.

Parents buy health insurance to protect each other and their children against what no one wishes to happen. While we see health insurances gradually evolve from medical reimbursements to organic spare part insurance, where a dysfunctioning kidney will be replaced through three-D printing, it is the caring part that will remain the driving force in such decisions.

Gradually life-death covers in insurance will disappear and be replaced by rejuvenating cocktail treatments and mechanical deficiency covers for brain implants. Although this might seem far away today, it will be the same feelings that will tickle the need for protection.

A similar evolution is taking place in the world of insuring objects. With the circular and sharing economy, soon we will be insuring your mobility instead of a personal car. Every single person wants to be taken care of if an accident occurs during the journey to whatever destination and in any way of transport.

We at Grupo Ageas Portugal recognize the world is moving fast but we continue to be there for you, to make you feel safe and protected. Because we care about the people and things you love. Feelings will remain the same even if it is for a robot you designed and you want to protect.

Love, empathy, recognition, a feeling of belonging, home-coming and security are human needs that will not fade away. And when emotions are involved, we are there, in the business of protecting and giving peace of mind.

Today or tomorrow, we are there to deliver meaningful and relevant experiences in your life.

Grupo Ageas Portugal

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