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St. Pete Innovation District - The Professional Home To Thousands


In one of the Southeast United States’ most dynamic waterfront downtowns, the St. Pete Innovation District is the professional home to thousands of scientists, doctors, educators and entrepreneurs working together to find solutions that will benefit the world.  From studying the impact of oil spills on marine life to finding a cure for childhood diabetes, researchers in the St.Pete Innovation District tackle tough questions. To capitalize on that excellence, public and private leaders came together in 2016 to create a non-profit organization to encourage collaboration between institutions and businesses. The District’s goal is to attract high-power talent, high-wage jobs and new investment. ST. PETE INNOVATION DISTRICT Marina St. Pete Innovation District Our world-class organizations nurture innovation. Within less than one square mile,the St. Pete Innovation District has a unique combination of world-class organizations. These are leaders in the fields of health science, marine science, engineering, education and the arts. Individually they are conducting breakthrough research, educating journalists around the world, challenging us to think differently through art and stretching the possibilities of what a community can do to solve systemic social issues when they come together. These organizations are also finding ways to spur new ideas and opportunities by collaborating across their sectors. This innovation includes taking a tool for checking the authenticity of seafood to the healthcare arena, or overlaying maps of coastal areas to visualize both the environmental and economic impact of coastal flooding. The potential is unlimited.   Concepts that took root in one discipline are being reapplied in another. Net new ideas are being born by connecting the thinking from multiple sectors. Our people generate ideas to drive innovation. The people of the St. Pete Innovation District are the innovators.  They see the possibilities and have the curiosity to pursue them. The District Innovators include nurses, marine biologists, professors, researchers, entrepreneurs, journalists, and artists. They are coming together in cross-functional groups where they learn about each other, experiment with new ways of working together,commercialize their ideas, and through their success create more opportunities. St. Pete Innovation District USFSP ST. PETE INNOVATION DISTRICT FWC Research

District Anchor Institutions: Bayfront Health; City of St. Petersburg; Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg; Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital; Petersburg Downtown Partnership; University of South Florida St. Petersburg (USFSP)

District Stakeholders: Duke Energy;Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute;Florida Institute of Oceanography;National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; Pinellas County Economic Development; Poynter Institute; SRI International; Petersburg Chamber of Commerce; Petersburg Economic Development Corporation;State of Florida Institute of Oceanography; Tampa Bay Innovation Center; The Dali; S. Coast Guard; S. Geological Survey; USFSP Open Partnership Education Network (OPEN);USF College of Marine Science

St. Pete Innovation District Our events and places facilitate innovation. Our events and places facilitate innovation. Outside the laboratories and offices, the St. Pete Innovation District is home to programs year-round that encourage people from across the community to explore new ideas and have thoughtful conversations. These events include speakers, conferences, and community meetings. The District is also home to an expanding an online open, education network.  This is a virtual place to continue to learn together, develop partnerships, and find ways to address key community issues. The energy of the District is seen in the festivals and events that are held here.   Attendees can learn about our environment, participate in science experiments, hear from a well-known journalist, check out the latest food truck offerings, or watch a Grand Prix race. Spontaneous collaboration is key for innovation. The District is fortunate to have numerous public gathering spaces to facilitate these connections, including coffee shops, restaurants, and parks. St. Pete Innovation District Our collaborations extend beyond geography. The St. Pete Innovation District’s geographic boundary creates the hub for people, institutions and businesses to come together.   The District’s collaborations extend outside the geographic area to engage with people across Tampa Bay who are working to find creative solutions that will benefit the world. ST. PETE INNOVATION DISTRICT drone St. Pete Innovation District logo

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