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Is An Energy Services Provider And, More Importantly, A Leader In New Jersey’s Vision Of A Clean Energy Future




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On the surface, South Jersey Industries (SJI) is an energy infrastructure holding company based in Folsom, New Jersey. With its roots in the Garden State tracing back to 1910, today, SJI is one of New Jersey’s largest energy providers, delivering safe, reliable, affordable energy to over 700,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers via its South Jersey Gas and Elizabethtown Gas utility subsidiaries. In addition, through its non-regulated subsidiaries, SJI develops clean energy and renewable energy projects and provides energy management services.

However, by taking a closer look, you will find that SJI has a uniquely important role in helping its State and region achieve the long-term renewable energy targets policy makers have set. SJI is committed to enhancing the quality of life for the customers and communities it serves and is dedicated to being a trusted energy partner for generations to come.

SJI is proud to be Leading the Way in its second phase of a clean energy plan that captures the company’s current progress and renewed vision since announcing plans to achieve carbon-neutral operations by 2040. With the advancement of its renewable energy investments, energy efficiency programs and infrastructure upgrades, as well as the formation of a diverse and talented team of clean energy professionals, SJI is re-envisioning how it leads its employees, customers and communities to a better today and tomorrow.

“At SJI, we recognize that we hold a shared responsibility to protect the environment we call home,” said Mike Renna, president and CEO, SJI. “That’s why we are committed to promoting sustainability, driving innovation, and Leading the Way towards a clean energy future for our state and region.”

From the onset of its clean energy efforts, SJI has recognized renewable energy development as the cornerstone of its strategic sustainability approach. While renewable energy can be produced from wind and solar, recent advancements in the development of energy from sources of waste, such as landfills, waste-water, and animals, holds infinite potential. This is where innovation comes in.

So far, SJI has broken ground on eight renewable natural gas (RNG) facilities at dairy farms across the country, including four in Michigan, three in upstate New York, and one at Connecticut’s largest dairy farm. In addition, six large facilities are planned to enter the construction phase later this year across Minnesota and South Dakota. These facilities involve the construction of anaerobic digesters that capture raw methane and other greenhouse gases produced by manure and the development of additional equipment to transform the collected biogas into commercial-grade, pipeline-quality renewable natural gas. SJI holds additional development rights for a total portfolio of up to 40 dairy farms. Upon entering service, the 40 facilities will offset nearly 25 million gallons of gasoline – equivalent to the consumption of nearly 50,000 passenger vehicles – in a year. Similarly, SJI’s subsidiary, Elizabethtown Gas, plans to build an interconnection between an organic food waste anaerobic digester project in Linden, New Jersey, and the utility’s natural gas supply. Once operational, this project will supply Elizabethtown Gas customers with locally-sourced renewable natural gas and produce the energy equivalent of replacing 28,400 gallons of gasoline daily with a renewable fuel source.

SJI is also pursuing renewable energy opportunities at several New Jersey landfill, solar, and wastewater treatment facilities. SJI and Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind entered a memorandum of understanding in 2020 to explore the production of “green hydrogen,” a renewable energy source that can be blended with SJI’s supply to lower carbon intensity. Additionally, SJI has completed the installation of multiple solar arrays at its corporate headquarters and field operations facilities. SJI Energy Enterprises, SJI’s non-regulated, clean energy-focused subsidiary, recently brought on-line a brown-field solar array at a landfill in Florence Township, New Jersey.

For SJI, sustainability, reliability, and safety go hand-in-hand. When safety improvements are made to its infrastructure, there is a simultaneous effort to create an energy delivery system that improves environmental outcomes for the communities the company serves. Together, these enhancements significantly reduce the release of greenhouse gas emissions and help SJI reach its carbon-neutral operations goals.

In 2021, SJI’s subsidiary, South Jersey Gas, completed its Accelerated Infrastructure Replacement Program, replacing more than 800 miles of cast iron and bare-steel main with high-efficiency PVC plastic pipe.

The Elizabethtown Gas Infrastructure Investment Program also targets replacing vintage cast iron, bare steel, ductile iron, copper, and vintage plastic mains and services. This five-year program began in 2019 and will replace approximately 250 miles of main. Since the program’s inception, Elizabethtown Gas has replaced 89.9 miles of main. In addition, both utilities continue to install tens of thousands of excess flow valves in their systems, which automatically shut off gas flow during a service line break.

In July 2021, South Jersey Gas cut the ribbon on its New Sentury Pump Station, a $69M facility created to regulate consistent pressure throughout the South Jersey Gas distribution system. The pump station helps prevent gas supply interruptions caused by irregularities to the system, such as extreme weather, peak-demand events, man-made disruptions, or other issues that may affect interstate pipelines. Recognized with The New Jersey Alliance for Action’s “Distinguished Engineering Award,” the project led to the creation of approximately 275 jobs.

SJI also dedicates itself to involving and engaging customers in efforts to protect the environment and sustain the region’s natural resources. SJI’s subsidiaries, South Jersey Gas and Elizabethtown Gas, with the support of the NJ Board of Public Utilities, have expanded their energy efficiency programs by $216 million. Over the course of the three-year expansion, customers will have greater access to rebates, financing, home energy audits, and a high-efficiency products marketplace. The program will help customers save $329 million in energy costs and 104 million therms of energy over its lifetime, which equates to preventing the release of over 953,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Moreover, the program has the potential to support the creation of over 4,500 jobs over three years. SJI’s utilities also partners with EmPowered Schools, an Alliance to Save Energy program, to educate students on energy efficiency. The year-long, STEM-based curriculum teaches students about energy-efficient practices. It also positions them to lead energy-saving campaigns in schools, homes, and communities. South Jersey Gas and Elizabethtown Gas also launched Conserve. This online energy efficiency resource advises customers and future customers about reducing their energy usage and promoting energy efficiency.

Throughout this new, sustainability-driven endeavor, SJI has continued to deliver on its 100+-year-old mission to deliver safe, reliable, and affordable energy to its over 700,000 customers. As the company looks towards the future, SJI plans to maintain this decades long commitment while creating further opportunities to support those it serves with a focus on clean energy and sustainability.

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