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Organisations are always improving processes, overhauling systems, and launching entirely new products and services so they can keep creating new value.

But as global trends shift and remodel the business landscape, leaders are continuously interrogated on how their organisations will thrive – and they’re being increasingly held accountable by everyone if their answers fall short.

Innovation holds the answer, but managing successful innovation programmes – and not just creating innovation theatre – is a big and deceptively hard job.

It’s a constant challenge for innovation leaders.

Because being good at innovation is more than just gathering ideas –it’s about aligning them to business strategy, persevering and championing them through testing, prioritisation and eventually to actualisation – often bringing together disparate team members and getting them to collaborate. Not to mention owning a large cost centre and justifying the investment to senior stakeholders when often complex undertakings may take years before the ultimate value is realised.

It’s also about understanding that in the purest sense, innovation is a linear process where ideas transform into end outcomes to create value. But the journey to get there is anything but linear, with innovation being a mix of creativity, discovery, failure, learning, feedback and lots and lots of iteration.


This is why we took a fresh look at how an innovation management system should work. We asked innovation leaders what they needed the most, and then built Solverboard.

Our workflow makes it easy to increase the volume and velocity of new initiatives being launched by bringing the main processes involved in successful innovation project delivery together seamlessly.

By doing so, we help organisations bridge the gap between creative people and those focused on actualisation by using them for what they’re already good at, getting them involved in the right stages throughout the process.

The result is proof that your innovation programme is working – projects are tracked clearly, delivery is accelerated and the total impact of bridging those gaps to deliver new value, is measured and shared successfully.


  1. An adaptable, flexible workflow that joins up business strategy, idea generation, validation and project management to bring the right business ideas to life, faster.
  2. Complete visibility of all projects within your innovation portfolio at both innovation manager and senior management team level to give full confidence that your programme is working.
  3. Alignment of innovation activity to your organisation’s strategic objectives to help you measure the current and future value of your innovation programme.


… want to get to the best ideas quickly.
We don’t want you to start again or duplicate work, so through integration, you can ‘plug-in’ any existing products and tools you are using, so you can utilise and enhance the software that you have already invested in. Our idea clustering functionality does the leg-work for you to improve the ease and speed of finding the gems.

… need to focus on what will drive the business strategy.

Input business strategy and goals so you focus on the right initiatives.

Business strategy and project KPI reporting, progress analysis and ROI tools allowing you to prove the success of your full innovation portfolio to your senior team.

… are passionate about innovating better.
Validate ideas, so you can pilot them with your customers or experts within your organisation.

Set up a team, allocate tasks, keep all the communication in one place and even host team meetings within the platform.

A comprehensive project management module, optimised for innovation projects and customisable to your business processes, so that you can ensure the best ideas get to market effectively.

… prefer to use the most recent standards and methodologies.
Solverboard contains design thinking, lean start-up and also agile project management methods, giving you the flexibility to apply best-in-class innovation methodologies, all in one place. The product also aligns extensively with the new ISO 56002 innovation management standard.



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