We provide the technology that allows people to access financial markets – buying and selling investments, and holding them in tax wrappers like ISAs and pensions. With our technology at their core, ambitious, innovative firms of all sizes can build new investment or financial advice propositions more quickly and affordably than ever.

Our story
We exist because finance needs fixing
Our co-founder, Dave Harvey, started Seccl after a period of reflection in his own career. He’d worked in financial technology for many years, at big institutions like Société Generale, and was convinced that change was desperately needed.

The existing technology infrastructure was inefficient, inflexible and unwieldy – powered by decades-old software and patched together by manual processes.

“Who cares?”, you might ask. Well, we all should. Because, it’s not just bad for business, but bad for people, too.

Clunky, inefficient businesses make clunky, expensive services, which means putting your money to work in the markets is more costly than it needs to be.

It also means financial advice is affordable only to the affluent – bringing it out of the reach of the very people who need it most. “We wanted to change all that”, said Dave. “It needed a total rethink.”

So that’s what he gave it. He set about completely redesigning the architecture of investment technology, from the ground up – and from his shed (or ‘garden office’, as he calls it).

We make fintech innovation possible
A few years on from our launch in 2018, and we support a growing number of forward-thinking financial advisers and wealth managers; not to mention an ever expanding raft of ambitious fintechs looking to transform our relationship with money.

With us by their side, they can focus on what they do best – creating brilliant user journeys and client experiences, which help people to better manage their finances – and leave all the difficult, behind-the-scenes stuff (like custody, trading and settlement) to us.

We’re part of Octopus
In September 2019, we were acquired by Octopus, one of the UK’s fastest-growing companies. It’s on a mission to transform two sectors that aren’t exactly renowned for putting the customer first: financial services and energy.

Founded in 2000, they now have nearly 2 million customers across its financial services and energy supply operations, and manage approximately £9.1 billion of assets (December 2019).

Octopus Energy, the energy supply business, recently became a unicorn on the back of external investment – and was this year declared the only Which? recommended energy supplier for an amazing third year running.


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