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Sandbar Clothing - A Way To Remind Ourselves Of What Makes Us Happy

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Sandbar is a clothing line that represents a lifestyle that everyone can relate to. It’s for the adventurers, musicians, daydreamers, artists, athletes and everything in between, whether you’re hiking, out on your boat or just reading your favorite book on the couch. It’s a way to remind ourselves of what makes us happy. An idea to open our eyes to what we’re all passionate about and more importantly, finding time for that passion. Your sandbar is wherever, whatever, or whoever brings you happiness. So, where’s your sandbar?


Sandbar is a lifestyle brand aimed to inspire people to enjoy their “sandbar” wherever, whatever, whoever that may be. “Where’s your Sandbar” originated when the owner, Chris McCormick, found himself thinking about the place he’d rather be. The area where all his worries and troubles were non-existent. Chris had been wondering if the people surrounding him had similar thoughts; if they would instead be doing the things they enjoy, be in a place they enjoy, or simply being around people they enjoy. He aimed to create a brand that encourages those to take the time and appreciate the moments and the activities that bring fulfillment to our lives. Sandbar - where's your sandbar tshirt Sandbar - lifestyle brand For Chris, this place was a sandbar right outside of his hometown that his friends and family would visit during the weekends. This place became a home away from home for himself, his family and his friends, which is where the company got its name. Chris was in college when the idea came about, and the first shirt was made on May 5th, 2016. Chris and his dad stayed up designing and screen-printing until the “original tee” was created and perfected. Selling to his teammates on the University of Tampa Baseball team, the brand soon made its way around the school. Now Sandbar is currently sold in stores across Florida and is continuing to grow and spread its message. Chris, along with Sandbar Clothing Company, recently completed the University of Tampa’s accelerator program for entrepreneurship. In this program, Sandbar was given the tools, and direction, to expand accordingly and efficiently. Everyone’s Sandbar is different and we all have something that we’re passionate about. It’s easy to get lost in our daily routines and look past what’s important but Sandbar is about finding time for that passion and enjoying it more often than not. Whether you are hiking to the top of a mountain or enjoying a book in the comfort of your own home, your Sandbar is waiting for you. Sandbar _ Innovate Tampa Bay sandbar - clothing company
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