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ROBRADY Design-Has Been Producing Things Out Of Thin Air For Over Two Decades

ROBRADY - Vectrix Superbike


“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Scientist, Author, Futurist


Rob Brady, CEO / founder, ROBRADY design

In Florida’s Suncoast region, ROBRADY design has been producing things out of thin air for over two decades. Via their continually refined process of research, design, engineering, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing – what they coax into reality is at once exciting, innovative, and disruptive. Yet, it is always something more.

“We humanize technology.”

Rob Brady, CEO /founder, ROBRADY design

After graduating from the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles and beginning his professional career with the Cigarette Racing Team in Miami, Rob Brady founded ROBRADY design, a multidisciplinary design and development studio, in 1990. From his work in marine design, he quickly expanded his focus and team into diverse market sectors: transportation, consumer/electronics, industrial, medical, and graphic/interactive, collaborating with clients to identify the greatest areas of opportunity for producing innovative designs that drive profitable results. Yet, no matter what project the studio undertakes, all the work shares one common trait: it exists at the nexus of organic and OMG.

Walking through the ROBRADYcomplex in the sultry Sarasota heat, it’s easy to be captivated by the studio’s industrial-chic interior and displays of sleek, futuristic projects that look like something from Syd Mead’s garage. It’s easier still to be impressed by the on-site CNC machines, 3D printers, welders, and more. These tools allow the studio to transform sketches into CAD drawings and physical prototypes faster than ever before—in some cases, a matter of hours. Yet, the studio’s physical assets only tell part of the story. The studio’s personnel roster is a deep bench of expertise and experience, not just in design, engineering, and manufacturing, but also in material science, management, marketing, and regulatory guidelines. ROBRADY’sacumen allows it to navigate the regulatory environment of agencies such as the Department of Transportation, the American Medical Association, the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Communication Commission, and the FDA.

Yet, a finished product does not mean a job completed.ROBRADY’s standing in the design field is in large part to its perspective that invention and innovation are not enough. There must also be intention. In other words, how will the design be implemented for maximum impact and benefit? Beyond understanding the needs and concerns of all stakeholders, ROBRADY knows how a product will be introduced to market. The studio mantra of research to reality very often includes a third step: retail. To better support and realize their clients’ visions, the studio formed ROBRADY capital to provide support and management for particularly promising ventures.

ROBRADY - New-Holland rustler

ROBRADY’s capacity to rapid prototype elements of the FORTIS exoskeleton dramatically reduced the development timetable. In some instances, testing could be performed on physical prototypes within hours of their design, saving significant time and expense and contributing in large part to the success of the project. The studio garnered multiple awards for the work on FORTIS, including “Best of the Best” from internationally recognized Red Dot Design.

Customer loyalty and admiration aside, the studio has become a familiar and critically acclaimed presence on the global stage. It has amassed an impressive and constantly growing list of accolades from organizations including: Red Dot Design, the International Design Excellence Award (IDEA), Good Design, Universal Design, The Medical Design Excellence Award, SPARK, and Designpreis Deutschland. Each attest to ROBRADY design’s commitment not only to being a leader in the field of design, but to delivering on its vision to humanize technology and having a positive effect on our world.

ROBRADY’s collaboration with Ziivaa, LLC is a clear example of the studio’s commitment to their client. From design work on the revolutionary belt to development of the brand name, packaging, international regulatory certifications, a suite of intellectual property and launch of the company, ROBRADY design was there for Ziivaa, LLC at every stage.

1040 Commerce Boulevard North

Sarasota, FL 34243


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