Robert H. Bishop

Dean, USF College of Engineering

After more than 55 years of pursuing excellence in engineering, we remain young in spirit and full of hope for the future. For us, it’s all about helping people.

The advantages are evident in our optimism, confidence and innate drive to aim higher than others think possible. Our tools and technology create fuel from landfill gases; save lives in hospitals and operating rooms; provide safer roads and effective transportation systems; purify water and deliver it to those in need; enhance domestic security; contribute to space exploration and so much more.

Building upon four pillars of success – Experiential Learning, Impactful Discovery, Community Partnerships and Educational Leadership – we are educating a diverse group of engineers and problem-solvers to tackle global challenges. By providing our students with hands-on experience in real world situations, a cutting-edge education and significant research opportunities all driven by community partnerships, we are cultivating the next generation of engineers and fostering innovative solutions that will positively impact lives.


"We continually seek to promote the influential nature of our achievements through effective partnerships."

- Robert H. Bishop

Each day we work harder – relentlessly and creatively – shaping our understanding of mathematics and science for the greater good. We’re proving again and again that engineers have the will power and capacity to directly and positively impact the world around us. Our commitment to partnering with industry is unyielding. We continually seek to promote the influential nature of our achievements through effective partnerships.

The success of our students, research and multidisciplinary solutions is a reflection of both the quality of education we offer and the rate by which we balance change with adherence to our foundational ideals and values. Through educational leadership, impactful discovery, experiential learning and community partnerships, our evolving vision to foster a global approach to engineering by capitalizing on the international perspectives and diversity of students and faculty is driving value in the community.

USF College of Engineering

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