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CREATIVITY IS ONE OF THE MOST DESIRED LEADERSHIP SKILLS FOR THE FUTURE LEADERS AND FOR LONG-TERM CORPORATE SUCCESS. Ringling College of Art & Design Film Set AND RINGLING COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN IS OUT IN FRONT OF THIS TREND, WITH FRESH AND INNOVATIVE PROGRAMS THAT SHAPE THE EDUCATION OF FUTURE CREATIVES PREPARING FOR INDUSTRIES AROUND THE GLOBE Building upon the College’s reputation as a top-tier art and design college, Ringling’s embrace of creativity and innovation is evidenced by three recently developed innovative programs – the Collaboratory*,the Ringling College Studio Lab and the Business of Art and Design academic program. These three ideas are cross-disciplinary and engage students, faculty and the community in unique ways so as to create intensive, innovative educational learning by engaging students with real-world projects for real-world clients. Ringling College of Art & Design Film Set 2 The Collaboratory was developed by Ringling College in partnership with The Patterson Foundation to provide creative, experiential learning opportunities to all its students. Research demonstrates that experiential learning opportunities, like those in the Collaboratory, more than double a graduate’s odds of being engaged and successful at working employment after graduation. The Collaboratory also helps solve the recent graduate’s dilemma: “I can’t get a job because I don’t have experience; I can’t get experience because I don’t have a job.”With this program, they get experience. Ringling College of Art & Design Film Set 3 Through the Collaboratory, students have worked with clients including General Motors, Go-Jo (makers of Purell), Cirque du Soleil, Disney Imagineering, Hasbro Toys, American Zoetrope, Nashville Next, and even the Sarasota Police Department. These companies specifically choose to work with Ringling students because they aim to utilize their creative thinking and innovative problem-solving skills to better the present and future of their organization. Take General Motors, for example -students work with GM’s Detroit Design Center to help design future automobiles. The program centers on sculpture, design principles, graphics, rendering and animation to highlight the auto of the future. Student-participants can also look for opportunities in organizations they may never have considered before. 2017 Ringling College GM Speed Forms Collaboratory Class Ringling College GM Speed Forms Collaboratory In 2015, General Motors hired two Ringling seniors full-time; the 2016 class did better, with GM making full-time job offers to five graduating seniors. Just as in the real-world, Collaboratory work is not easy.  However, working through a project from start-to-finish, with its challenges and triumphs, develops student competency and courage under the tutelage of our esteemed Ringing faculty – and it directly connects our students with premier companies on local, national, and global levels. Collaboratory engagements are also opportunities for students to learn “soft skills”–communication, teamwork and presentation delivery—and interact with the leaders of various organizations. Another innovative program yielding exceptional benefits to our students is the Ringling College Studio Lab. Created in 2009 with Semkhor Productions, this program complements the relatively new Film department at Ringling College by bringing film industry luminaries and professionals to Sarasota to work directly with our students on all aspects of media production. Since its creation, Studio Lab has brought productions to Tampa Bay that have been co-produced with students from all majors working with professional crews who together create compelling content. These productions grant exposure and experience to young filmmakers and production designers and allow seasoned professionals to get access to the best creative minds by working in partnership with Ringling College 2017 Ringling College GM Speed Forms Collaboratory Class 2 This program also adds to the area’s economic development because professional media productions are now shot in the Tampa Bay area. These productions, with stars such as Kevin Smith, Anna Paquin, Dylan McDermott and Justin Long, are helping establish our area as the new “Hollywood South.” The latest production had Kevin Smith returning to Ringling College to shoot the first installment of his latest horror anthology, Killroy Was Here. Ringling College has moved the film needle further with the opening of the new Ringling Studios Sound stage and Post Production Complex, the largest such production facility on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Created through a unique academic-commercial, private-public partnership between Ringling College, Semkhor Productions and the County of Sarasota. Ringling Studios is comprised of three separate yet cohesive structures: Studio A, Studio B and a post-production facility. Studio A is a mixed academic-commercial sound stage and production support facility for use by directors and producers for commercial media productions while employing Ringling students and graduates Studio B is used solely for academic purposes, housing the College’s Film Program led by Bradley Battersby. Ringling’s program was ranked #16 in the Top 25 Film Schools by The Hollywood Reporter, and Battersby was honored as ‘Mentor of the Year’ by Variety Magazine in 2017. Justin Long The Real Stephen Blatt Wrap Photo by: Rich Schineller

Ringling College Collaboratory and Studio Lab Production photos by Rich Schineller

Both studios are acoustically-isolated 8,400 sq. ft. sound stages with attached production, meeting, editing and makeup rooms, and in Studio B, classrooms and faculty offices. The post-production building has three additional 2,500 sq. ft. sound stages, eight editing bays, three mixing rooms as well as a Foley Sound Effects stage, color correction rooms and office spaces. With the Studio Lab, Ringling College has developed a model with tangible educational and production value reciprocity where students and graduates gain valuable experience, contacts and credits, while producers get access to some of the most talented and creative young people in the world. The third cutting-edge program is the Business of Art and Design (BOAD), a relatively new major at Ringling College.  We are the first art college to create and infuse a business degree major and minor into its curriculum. BOAD’s outcomes are to: (1) provide a curriculum for students wanting to work in creative industries but not as artists or designers; (2) provide a curriculum for that provides opportunities to infuse creativity and design-thinking into any industry; (3) provide an entrepreneurial curriculum for students interested in starting their own businesses; and (4) prepare students to manage, collaborate with, and direct creative thinkers. Many BOAD graduates go to work for creative industries, like Disney, Google, and LinkedIn and navigate the business and creative sides of the house. Ringling College is at the forefront of the creative world. Art, design, and creativity will be the most valuable resource for those organizations that want to not just succeed but thrive in the future. And just think, that resource is right here in Tampa Bay.

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