Bridging the gap between government and private sector innovation, Quiet Professionals started as the brainchild of president and CEO Andrew Wilson in 2013.

Andy Wilson, President & CEO of Quiet Professionals, LLC

Quickly growing into a world-renowned defense contractor, the company has its roots in the Special Operations community. Mr. Wilson and his team bring a wide range of expertise to bear as they provide operational support, global intelligence support services, advanced data analytics, and geospatial and cloud-managed services.

Quiet Professionals’ most recent innovation, Cerebra Grey, adapts Esri’s ArcGIS software to provide an impressive array of geospatial data in real time. Other expansions include acquiring cutting-edge company Echo Analytics Group, experts in the field of open-source intelligence.

As a result, Quiet Professionals serves their clients with a wide range of analytical capabilities and web-based tools, from open-source data to cloud services compliant with evolving government requirements.

Quiet Professionals Camp Dawson Conference Room

Tampa, with two military commands and a thriving, globally connected business community, is the ideal location for Quiet Professionals’ ambitious projects. “Our company is dedicated to growing this region by bridging the technological gap between the government and private sectors,” says Mr. Wilson.

Quiet Professionals is also active in the philanthropic space, with partnerships including Hiring Our Heroes, the Tampa Bay Chamber Operation Partnership, the Florida Veterans Foundation, the Black Dagger Military Hunt Club, and more.

Quiet Professionals attracts brilliant talent to the Tampa area, building a network of information-savvy veterans and other professionals. Overlooking Tampa Bay and MacDill Air Force Base from our headquarters on the island of Rocky Point, Quiet Professionals is well positioned to connect the strengths of both worlds.

Quiet Professionals’ Advanced Technology Solutions division was created in 2019 to bridge the gap between commercial sector innovations and government agencies. Launced by Chief Systems Integration Officer Leo Kryszewski, ATS provides advanced data analytics via a subscription-based platform. ATS rapidly creates cloudbased solutions that work remotely and integrate with customers’ chosen platforms and technologies.

Many of today’s problems aren’t about obtaining enough data, but about curating and reframing existing data into an authoritative source—then delivering it exactly as the customer needs it. ATS prides itself on being agile enough to provide custom applications and visualizations developed and delivered over months, not years.


Publicly available information is everywhere on the Internet. Echo Analytics Group, a Quiet Professionals Company, trains analysts to choose among thousands of tools to rapidly produce trustworthy open-source intelligence. Focusing on analytical methods rather than any specific tool allows Echo Analytics Group to adopt and adapt to new tools as they are being developed.

Founder and Executive Vice President Buddy Jericho developed the Discover, Develop, and Monitor D2MTM analytical methodology while training the special operations community to combat online activities by adversaries abroad. Now Echo Analytics Group brings their training to a wide range of students, from special operations to law enforcement to the public sector. They are currently developing the first master’s-level
program to meet the demand for a new generation of talented open-source intelligence leaders.

Andy Wilson, President & CEO of Quiet Professionals, LLC, and Buddy Jericho, Founder of Echo Analytics Group

To assist in organizing thousands of open-source, web-based intelligence tools, Echo Analytics Group developed the Cyber Intelligence Dashboard. The CID is a unique “toolbox of tools” that helps analysts focus on the problem at hand—not on where to start researching it.

Partnering with All Things Possible Ministries, Echo Analytics Group has entered a special mission to help law enforcement find and rescue sex trafficking victims. Called “Torch,” the mission leverages EAG’s network of analysts and All Things Possible Ministries’ expertise in finding and rescuing trafficking victims to help save trafficked lives.

Acquired by Quiet Professionals in 2021, Echo Analytics Group has impact in the Tampa community, making it a “one-stop shop” for open-source intelligence expertise, connecting government and private businesses while attracting innovation and talent.

A Quiet Professionals Company
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Scion Analytics- Imagine What You Can Do

In Tampa, we design and develop innovative tech solutions that build our city into a hub for visionaries, entrepreneurs, and some of the world’s most creative thought leaders. Tampa is especially appealing for individuals who are excited to make an impact on the community and the tech industry.

In 2014, founder Tom Lipscomb, had an idea for a solution to automate the proposal process in the government contracting industry. With roots in the Washington D.C. area, Lipscomb wanted a company where continual ideas are transformed into new capabilities. He envisioned the Professional Document Analyzer with endless possibilities where our employees are directly involved in innovation.

Lipscomb’s vision developed into Scion Analytics; a leading content
analytics platform company supported by the diverse tech talent in the
Tampa area.

Tom Lipscomb, Founder & Executive Vice President, Scion Analytics

Jim Eddy, CEO, Scion Analytics

In 2020, in a world gripped by the pandemic and economic challenges, Scion Analytics created opportunities. Under the new leadership of CEO Jim Eddy, we successfully bridged the gap between government contracting and commercial industries. This was accomplished using artificial intelligence (AI) & natural language processing (NLP) to scale business capabilities.

For Scion Analytics, the future is bright as it leverages AI and other advanced technologies to derive value from unstructured content and help scale businesses. Eddy remarks, “On average, 80% of the data stored by an organization is unstructured: word documents, spreadsheets, presentation decks, emails, marketing campaigns, images, video, and audio. Yet very few organizations have the capability to leverage that data into content that has value. Through the Scion Analytics platform our mission is to empower companies to tap into that hidden value of unstructured data”.

As the digital transformation ensues, Scion Analytics sees limitless possibilities for innovative uses of the content analytics platform to spark a content revolution that changes the way the world works with digital content.

This is a glimpse into our company mission rooted in ingenuity contributing to innovation in our city. This is the moment for Tampa tech companies to be energized with opportunity, to radiate such brilliance in innovation that the world takes notice.

Scion Analytics
2701 N Rocky Point Dr.
Suite 950
Tampa, FL 33607
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