Promise Legal helps tech companies by coming alongside the founders early in product development and helping with design and ideation. Rather than a process where founders just present ideas, and Promise’s attorneys say yes or no in light of the relevant regulatory framework, Promise attorneys see themselves as true collaborators in the design process. Particularly given the firm’s software expertise, clients get the advantage of essentially an additional founder with the legal chops to spot and avoid the legal pitfalls that may be waiting in the wings. In cooperation with Promise Legal, founders can build compliance and risk mitigation into the design from the start.

For companies that are further along, Promise’s execution and strategy focused mindset cut through the legalese to craft practical solutions. An app developer navigating complex data privacy rules needs guideposts, sure, but what’s even more valuable is a host of implementation ideas from someone who understands their goals, their software, and the legal environment. That right there is Promise’s sweet spot.

Maggie Shahrestani, Partner

Taking this unique strength seriously means offering that expertise not just to clients but to mentees in incubators and startup groups across Austin. Promise attorneys commit to providing at least 100 hours of pro-bono each year, some of which goes to local artists and musicians, but much of which goes to early-stage founders – many of them still students – who lack the funds for legal services.

Alex Shahrestani, Managing Partner

Given its relationships with investors, incubators, and founders, Promise also strives to be a connector. A new company in need of software developers, or a founder in need of a partner, can trust its attorneys to make the right introductions. This year the firm is taking that synchronicity online by launching a forum where all kinds of players in the startup atmosphere can communicate freely, so founders can get access to the expertise they need while potential investors can spot opportunities early

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