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PARADIES IP - Group Shot Small business owners change lives: their own lives, their families’ lives, the lives of their employees, and even customers’ lives. The ability to make quick decisions is the greatest advantage of any small business. A startup’s decision loop from idea to product can be much shorter than their larger corporate competitors. A small business may try, fail, retool, retry and eventually succeed, with persistence and hard work, before competitors can decide how to respond. By focusing on a particular customer, rather than a mass-market, this particular customer can receive better service and solutions. Employees benefit, because employees of a small business are not fungible human resources but integral members of a team within a startup culture where job titles mean little, when a job needs to be done. Paradies ® IP and help entrepreneurs to own and protect innovation and creativity generated for a small business by employees, contractors and others, building equity in the business, an essential step in the life of a startup. Chris Paradies IP Chris Paradies Chris Paradies - certificate 3 Chris Paradies - certificate 2 Chris Paradies - certificate 4 Chris Paradies I pulled apart a clock that wasn’t working, fixed it and put it back together at an early age. I was hooked. I started stripping every mechanical and electrical machine that I could to find parts. Some even worked after putting them back together again. Others were sacrificed to satisfy my curiosity about how things worked. It’s a good thing doing something you love. It’s not surprising that I would become an intellectual property attorney and registered patent attorney. I get access to new inventions long before the public knows anything, and I get paid for it. Bonus! Intellectual property, or IP, includes much more than patents. Small business owners often become confused about what is needed to protect an idea. It doesn’t help that the law is constantly changing. IP is a complex system. If mastered, it can protect aspects of almost every business. However, like a machine, it is hard to see how it works from the outside. Too often, first-time entrepreneurs don’t do anything to own and protect valuable IP. Trademarks, trade dress, trade secrets, copyrights, domain names and patents are component parts of an IP system, and like clockworks, these parts must be fitted together just right to function properly. Unfortunately, I have found over the years, as a co.Starters facilitator and attorney, that some startups do nothing to own and protect IP, risking disaster, and others listen to unsound advice from a person only slightly more knowledgeable about IP. If you don’t own your IP, somebody else does. is an affordable solution for early-stage entrepreneurs to own, protect and grow equity in innovation. Paradies IP - Master Class Chris Paradies IP Masterclass IP masterclass includes an IP agreement library and online, step-by-step video instruction for customizing and using IP agreements that are critical for owning IP rights. If a startup doesn’t own its IP, then somebody else does. fills the gap creation and the day a startup can afford to hire a skilled IP attorney to protect critical IP assets. Paradies IP-logo

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