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The ONESIXONE Report supports Gainesville businesses through expert-hosted online programming

The Problem

Small businesses of every industry in Gainesville, Florida, are feeling the effects of COVID-19-induced isolation. This is not only from a revenue standpoint but also in terms of how to survive when times are anything but business as usual.

The Solution

The rest of the world may be hitting pause, but the ONESIXONE Group is hitting play by launching the ONESIXONE Report. It’s an online platform on which they’ll host virtual events to bring exposure to Gainesville businesses and support them through this period of uncertainty.

Every week, the ONESIXONE team invites an accomplished guest to host the Report. Event hosts represent every industry and range from CEOs, professors, scientists, and community and business leaders.

During the online event, the host shares their specialized expertise in order to educate and provide value to the audience. They also guide the conversation by asking the questions that everyone is struggling to find answers to and then open the floor to the community. The format connects the audience with experts who can help them see specific solutions.

“The mission of the ONESIXONE Report is to give business owners and individuals a fighting chance to turn this negative situation into a positive. We want them to come out even stronger on the other side,” says Pablo Casilimas, ONESIXONE’s chairman of the board. “We are inviting a perspective in our community that says that we are together and that this is a time for planning, adapting, and overcoming an otherwise crisis situation. We want our platform to serve as a roadmap for everyone to succeed with, and a platform that gives hope to those who need it most right now.”

The Takeaway

Physical isolation needn’t be the same thing as stagnation.

Better than anyone, entrepreneurs understand that planning and adapting are crucial for survival. Even without a global crisis, it can be difficult to know what to do next. But events like the ONESIXONE Report are a great way to keep businesses active—and actively hopeful.

Unlike large in-person events like the ones the ONESIXONE Report has replaced, the ONESIXONE Report offers the feel of an intimate venue. No one attendee is closer or further away than another, and everyone has an equal opportunity for asking questions and voicing opinions. It’s a way to feel heard when the rest of the world has largely gone silent.

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