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San Diego’s Science & Tech Community on the Front Lines of COVID-19 Innovation

By FBT Staff

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Argonaut Manufacturing Services in Carlsbad is one of several local companies, organizations and research institutions working to combat the deadly COVID-19.


San Diego’s science and tech community is rising to the occasion to help fight the new deadly coronavirus. Below is a look at several ongoing efforts by our local innovative companies, research institutions, and organizations that are developing test kits, vaccines, ventilators, hand sanitizers, real-time dashboards, and more.

  • Here is a list of all drugs and vaccines that are being developed by pharmaceutical and biotech companies in response to the coronavirus.


  • Billionaire Joseph Tsai has just given San Diego $1.6 million in medical supplies to combat the spread of COVID-19.


  • Graphine manufacturer Grolltex joins the fight against the novel coronavirus.



  • CEO of Paeau, Nader Khalil designed an easy way for small businesses to share gift cards with customers online.


  • ActiveMotif announces that they have successfully separated antibodies from recovered COVID-19 patients in China to be used for research and commercial applications.



  • Ford has expanded its plan to produce critical medical equipment and supplies and partnered with Thermo Fisher Scientific to increase production for COVID-19 testing kits.


  • Carlsbad Desalination Plant has been switching out crews that self-quarantine on site for three weeks to continue producing clean drinking water for county residents.




  • Volv, a virtual coaching platform, is helping wellness trainers continue their work during the novel coronavirus pandemic.






  • Here are the San Diego scientists leading the charge for combatting coronavirus.


  • Drug developer Arcturus Therapeutics is ready to kick off its first-ever human trials this year by testing a vaccine designed to target the novel coronavirus.


  • Robo 3D has been 3D printing and donating printable face shields to front line healthcare workers in need. Here is the GoFundMe to donate to their cause.  They have been stepping up to help by 3D printing and donating 3D printable face shields to doctors, hospitals, and other front line healthcare workers in need.



  • Leica Biosystems receives FDA’s Enforcement Discretion for use of its Aperio ImageScope DX viewing software for remote diagnosis during COVID-19 emergency.


  • This COVID-19  VR town hall by SD-based Nanome gives a pretty cool deep dive on the virus’ protein/molecular structure.


  • San Diego-based Seqster is one of several companies that have released COVID-19 screening tools or symptom checkers to help track the spread of the virus.


  • UC San Diego Health has launched a donation program, asking local research institutions, companies, organizations and individuals to help alleviate widespread shortages of key materials.



  • UCSD researchers are combining the power of a wearable device and big data analytics to track spread and early signs of COVID-19, including among healthcare workers.


  • UCSD researchers have developed a low cost design for ventilators and are seeking equipment and manufacturing help.



  • A team of researchers at UCSD has developed a simple ventilator that can be produced quickly and cheaply if needed.






  • Cue Health gets $13 million contract to develop Coronavirus test.


  •  CureMetrix is offering a no-cost implementation of its AI-based mammography solutions for radiologists to help them prepare for the surge in mammograms that will come as they go back to work.


  • Kazuhm is offering its enterprise-grade distributed compute software free to any organization directly engaged in the fight against coronavirus.


  • Sony Electronics has made an immediate donation to Direct Relief, which will provide personal protective equipment (PPE) and essential medical supplies to healthcare workers responding to COVID-19.


  • is harnessing the predictive prowess of its AI Drug Discovery Platform to repurpose FDA approved drugs that may serve as a potential therapeutics to prevent individuals from being infected and/or treat individuals infected with the novel coronavirus.


  • San Diego-based Orucase is one of several cycling manufactures across the US that have switched to making personal protective equipment to help first-responders and medical staff deal with COVID-19.


  • Inovio Pharmaceuticals’ lab in Sorrento Valley is hoping to fight the coronavirus pandemic with its experimental DNA-based vaccine.


  • Arcturus Therapeutics was awarded $10 million to develop a vaccine for Singapore. If successful, the company would also seek approval to market the vaccine elsewhere.


  • Carlsbad-based Argonaut Manufacturing Services  will provide services for pre-clinical to Phase III drug product manufacturing of vaccines and therapeutics, including those for sponsors working toward a COVID-19 vaccine or therapeutic under accelerated timelines.




  • Researchers at four University of California Health medical centers — including UC San Diego Health — have begun recruiting participants for a clinical trial to investigate the safety and efficacy of treating adult COVID-19 patients with an antiviral drug that has shown some success against other viruses.


  • Through an approach called drug repositioning, Sanford Burnham Prebys researchers are currently testing known drugs that may inhibit the virus. The world-renowned research institute has also established a task force to monitor the public health crisis, establish guidelines, and provide the community with useful information.


  • ResMed is working with governments, health authorities, hospitals, physicians, and patients worldwide to assess their needs, and to deliver the ventilation therapy that is essential to treat the respiratory complications of COVID-19.


  • Researchers used technology developed by Thermo Fisher to conclude that vaccines developed to treat coronavirus could be long-lasting.


  • UC San Diego engineers and doctors team up to retrofit and build ventilators with 3D printing.


  • UCSD has joined five private firms to greatly increase COVID-19 testing.



  • UCSD has published a list of COVID-19 research opportunities here.


  • Scripps Research scientists recently co-authored a paper that shows the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic has a natural origin.


  • Solana Beach-based has set up a dashboard to track the progress of COVID-19 clinical trials in real time.


  • Big data startup Seqster has launched a COVID-19 Compass based on CDC Guidelines for Healthcare Enterprises.


  • Carlsbad-based Expedition Communications provides critical information systems for first responders, public safety centers  and critical business entities during COVID-19 crisis.


  • Medical device startup Biolinq is donating its unused protective gear, including N95 masks and gowns, to local healthcare centers and is encouraging other local biomedical companies to do the same.



  • Cloudbeds is working to connect its customers and industry partners to government and healthcare agencies to address the shortage of healthcare beds.


  • The SD team at Floor Manager are making their product available to keep essential facilities clean.


  • Oceanside-based FYI CBD has created all natural hand sanitizer, available online and at local specialty grocery stores.


  • has created a fundraising campaign to address the increased needs of low-income immigrant neighbors during the COVID-19 health crisis. An online donation page has also been set up for coronavirus aid efforts by Classy partners.


Attention San Diego science and tech companies: Companies developing COVID-19 related diagnostics, etc…, are encouraged to fill out this brief form by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

Is your company, organization or institute working on novel research, technology or products to help combat COVID-19? We’d love to know!  Email us at [email protected].

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By FBT Staff San Diego’s science and tech community is rising to the occasion to help fight the new deadly coronavirus. Below is a look at several ongoing efforts by our local innovative companies, research institutions, and organizations that are developing test kits, vaccines, ventilators, hand sanitizers, real-time dashboards, and more.

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