NFT Royalty Attend Sell-Out Event in Los Angeles



Sven Boermeester, CEO and Founder of Global Village Publishing Inc., recently attended one of the world’s leading NFT events, NFT | LA. The globe’s most prominent NFT collectors, investors, creators, web developers, and innovators descended on California for this inaugural three-day-long event at the LA Convention Center, with Hollywood serving as the backdrop.

NFT | LA did (in partnership with Edge of NFT) not disappoint in its commitment to deliver an inspirational event packed with curiosity, connection and co-creation. This sold-out event presented a star-studded panel with over 250 NFT, Web 3.0 and metaverse pioneers to ignite and steer the conversation for the 3,500 attendees taking in the jaw-dropping NFT galleries, experiencing the latest tech and innovation releases. The energy was palpable, with some of the brightest, most creative minds coming together to discuss the future of the NFT phenomenon.

There is more to NFTs than JPEGs. This was the theme of the NFT | LA conference. Creators and evangelicals showed off the future of NFTs and the potential for these to transform the metaverse and Web 3.0. It is the building of communities that drives the adoption of NFTs. From fans, enthusiasts, artists, nerds, geeks, and sports lovers, to tech mavens, and investors: everyone wants a piece of the hottest art for the street cred – and to make an impact in their communities. It showed that NFTs are not just PFPs, but enable more profound and richer experiences and benefits from IRL events to exclusive media content.

The conference also highlighted the widespread adoption of NFTs: since their mainstream birth in Summer 2021, they have snowballed. The market initially traded some $90-million in 2020 but took off in 2021 with $17-billion in transactions. Having started with crypto collectors, NFTs now embrace musicians, artists, celebrities, talent agencies, gamers, and more. NFTs have become hard to ignore.

Hosted by entrepreneur Mark Cuban, musicians Nelly and Ja Rule performed, Steve Aoki presented the latest developments in NFT tech, Dapper Labs highlighted their significant achievements with their NBA NFT projects, and even former presidential candidate Andrew Yang took to the main stage for GoldenDAO. One of the biggest launches at NFT | LA was the Warner Bros. Batman NFT collection.

The diversity of NFTs, their collectors and creators underline the sustainability of this emerging digital asset class. The rest of the 250 speakers hosted Web 3.0 educational talks and discussed Web 3.0 wallets and ways to onboard new users easier for greater mainstream adoption. Most speakers presented educational ways to overcome challenges such as self-custody and user-friendlier interfaces, to migrate users from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, and creating wallets with greater integrations.

VIP ticket holders were ushered into invite-only side-events, exclusive parties and performances, networking opportunities, a VIP lounge, a truly immersive art and music dome, and out-of-this-world experiential gallery experiences of incredible NFT artworks.

NFTs in the future of a decentralized Web 3.0 are democratized: ownership, management, curation, access, inclusiveness, diversity, and distribution. NFTs are a new media format. The panelists touted NFTs not as replacements for other media formats and mediums but as supplementary to others and a vertical all on its own. The true potential of NFTs is still in its infancy to fully understand and forecast. It is here to stay, and it is here to change the way the world perceives the capabilities of Web 3.0 and decentralized structures.

Developers behind the NFT and metaverse industry continue to push the boundaries of what is possible – and Global Village Publishing Inc. was on a mission at NFT | LA. We learned from the experts how to launch NFT drops at scale, customer experience optimization techniques, and compliance of NFT sales with taxes. Of course, next year NFT transactions will need to meet strict Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations for sales tax compliance.

What is incredibly clear is that the future of NFTs is more significant and more extensive. NFTs are fast reaching the turning point of mass adoption. Hollywood and NFT | LA brought this exciting digital future one giant step forward.

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