Baz-Art and INNOVATE™ South Africa collaborate to showcase the abundant creativity in South Africa’s urban landscape.

The inaugural edition of INNOVATE™ South Africa is in its final stages of production and will be hitting the streets in June 2022. The first volume of this premium hard-cover coffee table book is jam-packed with stories of innovation, entrepreneurship, and success from across the nation.

From Fintech startups to South Africa’s leading household brands, from animal sanctuaries and robotics to award-winning restaurants – this initiative is the good news that South Africa has been waiting for. With over 350 pages of thought leadership, innovation and positivity, it’s destined to be a flagship publication in the INNOVATE® Series.

Global Village Publishing Inc. is delighted to announce its collaboration with Baz-Art, an organisation dedicated to enhancing public interaction through urban art. Over 25 of Baz-Art’s unique and exciting projects from the streets of South Africa will be showcased throughout the pages of this legacy publication and across its digital platforms.

Baz-Art recognises the role that art has in education and connecting with audiences. Working with communities, schools, businesses and a wide variety of other organisations, Baz-Art uses art as a creative tool to promote public dialogue and engagement and to impact people’s physical, emotional and social environments positively.

This commitment to positivity dovetails perfectly with the INNOVATE™ South Africa initiative. A book, digital platform and web series of stories that shine a light on the incredible progress that is evident in South Africa in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship, all enhancing the daily lives of all South Africans!




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