Announcing The 2021 NFT Yearbook – A Uniquely Innovative Project Blurring The Lines Between Real Life Books and NFTs!



With the heightened interest in Web 3.0, NFTs, The Metaverse, and Blockchain it was inevitable that Global Village Publishing Inc., the company behind the INNOVATE® series would be one of the first publishers to embrace and experiment with these new technologies. Our journey into the brave new world of Web 3.0 started with our INNOVATE® Blockchain project in 2021. While working on INNOVATE® Blockchain and learning everything there is to learn about Blockchain and NFTs we envisioned becoming the first publisher to publish interactive 3d books as NFTs and that is how Metaverse Publishing was born. A subsidiary of Global Village Publishing Inc., Metaverse Publishing will be solely focused on Web3 projects. INNOVATE® Gaming & Esports, the first Interactive 3d Book NFT went live on Opensea (NFT Marketplace) on January 13, 2021. Viewers can interact with the NFT book with their mouse and open and close it with a button on the NFT. Serving as a test-bed for the technology, INNOVATE® Gaming & Esports wasn’t a complete book as an NFT yet. It could just open to a single article and close again – I know, it doesn’t sound too exciting but believe me – it was awesome to get it to work! ***Update***: We have our first iteration of a full book ready! See the video below for how it works 😉 [wpvideo 26Uchoaj] With the technology tested and ready to be used we were looking for the right project to do it justice as the first complete, readable, fully interactive, 3d Book NFT and that is when we came up with the idea of the 2021 NFT yearbook. 2021 was the year that NFTs popped, it only makes sense to capture some of the excitement about the NFT rise in a beautiful yearbook for future generations to enjoy. And since it is all about NFTs, it’s a natural extension to Publish it as an NFT as well! There is more to the 2021 NFT yearbook than just being the first complete interactive book NFT though. 60% of the available space in the book will be randomly dropped to NFT holders – giving holders of these NFT’s the rights to decide the content featured in these spaces – decentralized publishing is real!  

A total of 9669 2021 NFT Yearbook NFTs will be released with randomized attributes. These attributes will give:

  • 4224 Holders a free copy of the physical book
  • 1 holder the right to the inside front cover to place anything they want (within reason) there.
  • 1 holder the right to the inside back cover to place anything they want (once again, within reason) there.
  • 40 holders will each get the rights to a thought leader page where they can talk about anything they want.
  • 21 Holders will get the rights to put their NFT on the front cover
  • 56 Holders will get the right to show off one of their NFTs on the back cover
  • 80 Holders will each have the rights to a single page to talk about anything NFT related or show off their favorite projects/NFTs
  • 300 Holders will be allocated a “gallery” space where they can show off their favorite NFT and write a 25-word message to the future.
  • 1200 Holders will be allocated a “Shoutout” space where they can show off their favorite NFT and write a 15-word message to the future.
We are also speaking to some of the featured projects about donating NFTs to give away to random holders of the project. And then of course – All NFT holders will share in the profits of any book sales on Amazon and in bookstores. We are currently accepting nominations for the best NFT projects of 2021 to be featured in the editorial section of the book so if you have a favorite project let us know at [email protected] – The first 100 people to submit a nomination will each receive a free INNOVATE® Gaming & Esports NFT.        

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