Creator Dr. Micheal Majette tells the story of why he decided to combine his wants and needs as a traveling consumer with his knowledge and experience as a physician to create the perfect all in-one pillow: “Since I was a child I have had a spirit of serving others. I have always been concerned with the comfort of those around me and have found that helping a person in need brings me great joy. That same spirit has benefited me well as a physician. Like many of my colleagues, I often find myself treating the same conditions of chronic neck and back pain repeatedly. My goal is always to help each patient achieve a better quality of life through a combination of in-office care, suggestions for at-home care and products that aid in expedited recovery.

“A common complaint I am presented with by many patients is pain associated with travel along with providing medical benefits for at home use as well. As an avid traveler myself, I was always on the pursuit to find products, especially travel neck pillows, that enhance the “getting there” part of the travel experience. I have tested hundreds of different travel pillows hoping to find one I could not only use myself but also recommend to patients. This goal seemed simple, but after over a decade of searching, I learned nothing like that existed.”

“What I found through my research is that there are endless amounts of neck pillows on the market, but none were exactly what I wanted. Most are made of cheap materials and don’t offer the structural integrity and design required for long-term use. I greatly value the artisanal skills and passion that go into creating a product by hand. That one of a kind quality you can only achieve with non-mechanized production. This lack of focus in design quality is a common theme among most travel pillows on the market today.

“This is where my story begins. My search for the perfect all-in-one pillow has led me to the creation of MyJet Luxury Travel Pillow. Hand-made of quality materials with a patented inner skeletal system for ultimate support, the MyJet Luxury Travel Pillow stands the test of time and has been thoughtfully designed with the same level of care that I show all my patients.

I love this product because its uses have become unlimited. It has revolutionized the way we think of the common travel pillow. Whether it’s used for flying across the country, watching TV in the comfort of your own home or to relieve neck tension after a long day at work, I truly hope this product enhances your life as much as it has mine.

Each pillow will be shipped with:
• Extra foam blocks for adding or subtracting additional padding/support to create the perfect fit for you.

• One elastic 3-button strap, allowing for connection to any headrest or existing pillow.

• Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

A Flight First Aid Kit:
• Include Adjustable foot rest, adjustable phone holder, small blanket, face mask, with an optional headphone, all fits into a small bag that attaches to any carry-on. All TSA approve.

Pillow types:
• Coach class: Will consist of 2 color schemes, all breathable, lightweight, durable cloth material. You can always upgrade your pillow to a higher level cover at any time.

• Business class (the most popular): Will consist of 4 different leather and cloth combinations. Also features a black suede inner-lined pocket on the top half to add temperature control packs for heat or cold and LED light.

• First class: Coming soon. This version creates a user experience unlike any other. Includes all the above items, custom leather cover, superior Bluetooth remote phone and speakers and first of its kind surround sound.

What makes the MyJet Travel Pillow Unique:
• Customizable to all body shapes and any seat position using adjustable foam levels.

• Adjustable patented internal frame and elastic strap not only hold the neck and head in perfect position, but also help to decompress nerves in the neck and shoulder to relieve pain.

• The pillow can comes with a few additional items that ensures a new level of comfort to be found while sitting up. So comfortable that for the first, anyone can get to R.E.M. sleep in the seated position, and preventing JetLag, most of all allowing millions of travelers to save money by not having to upgrade their seats to a higher class.

• A lifetime warranty on the Businesses & First Class versions.

• The high-quality materials used in creating the handmade covers improve with time and use.

• The ability to make the pillow warm or cold without the use of batteries or power provides an unmatched level of comfort.


” I can’t say enough about this pillow! Last year I took it on a mission’s trip to Africa. After 16 hours in my economy seat, I was so thankful to have this pillow with me. My favorite feature is the strap that connects it to the back of your headrest. Anyone who’s been on an airplane knows it’s impossible to get comfortable in an economy airline seat and the typical travel pillow doesn’t prevent you from falling over onto your neighbor’s shoulder. With this pillow, I was able to comfortably fall asleep without worrying about my head shifting to the side. Definitely one of my best travel purchases!!”
— Patsy C.

” I have had issues with my neck for over 20 years. Even after surgery, I still suffer from pain. I don’t travel that often, but my Doctor recommended the MyJet pillow for when I’m at home relaxing and watching TV. It really helps relieve the pressure and tension on my neck.”
— Tom B

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