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This company is strategically located near other Florida located central companies like Disney, Universal, SpaceX and Blue Origin. With its international, patent-pending technology, the company can focus on the creation of the best modular additive and/or subtractive manufacturing within ISO shipping container enclosures. The main aim of the company is to decentralize manufacturing with a connected modular manufacturing infrastructure, with its bases in Central Florida.
Millebot integrates many areas of industry, including: digital media, material science, mechanical engineering, aerospace, maritime and construction, to mention but a few. The first people to have the chance to learn and play a role in the execution of Millebot’s new 3-D manufacturing ecosystem are students from Central Florida schools.
The company owner, Andy, graduated with a marketing degree from the University of Central Florida. His investment in this company started as he developed a fascination for engineering and design. However, it was his beginnings as an adopter of technology, and his observations of how technology could solve problems in conventional and unconventional ways, that fostered in him the skill to do lots more with much less. The advancement towards the development of his company began in 2011 within 2 weeks of owning his first 3D printer. The printer led to much of his frustration and he sought new ways to solve the problem associated with the mini machine. His epiphany to combine the size and elegance of a “shipping container” and “3D-printer”, came whilst driving one day. It was only in 2015 that he patented this eureka moment and thereafter, in 2016, he formed Millebot, Inc.
Millebot - shipping container
About the machine, the “MILLE”
MILLE is unlike any machine of its kind, it’s the only large-format 3D-machine platform that may be operated indoors or outdoors, and is deliverable by land, rail, sea, and air, giving customers capabilities that they have never seen.
Through the incorporation of shipping container housing, Millebot solves most production and logistics challenges, by using existing freight infrastructure around the world. MILLE is great for various applications and environments. The machine features a heavy-duty Corten steel shell and can be operated remotely, both indoors or outdoors.
Each machine is designed and built according to customer needs. Millebot’s extremely versatile, rugged design is compatible with:
Additive manufacturing tool-heads, including: plastic extrusion, cement/mortar extrusion, adhesives/resins extrusion, and others.
• Subtractive manufacturing tool-heads, like: CNC router, laser, plasma, waterjet, and others.
Power can be delivered to the machine via a wall outlet, generator, or renewable energy source, making it perfect for remote areas. All Millebot machines feature a modular enclosure, meaning multiple machines can be stacked to create a scalable manufacturing infrastructure with large working volume. The main perk is that all multiple units can be operated by a single operator.
MILLEbot HDX-EVO - wire 2
MILLEbot HDX-EVO front 2
Business strategy
The main business strategy of this company is that it forms alliances with companies and groups who share the vision for a decentralized manufacturing future, including: education, investors, hardware manufacturers, material manufacturers, equipment distributors, deep-tech, defense contractors, and financial institutions.
The company – now and in the future Millebot’s main goal is to empower people and companies to create new products without having to manufacture abroad. Basically, Millebot is your “personal factory”, since this product gives people the flexibility to create new niches and take control of their production using locally sourced materials.
Furthermore, Millebot is an eco-conscious company, actively developing and seeking novel ways to reduce CO2 emissions. Millebot aims to seek or use 3D-technologies in various fields, including: construction, automotive, aerospace, maritime, medicine, entertainment, energy, and food, by delivering a low-cost turnkey 3D-manufacturing platform that automates the process and reduces labor.
Millebot currently offers flexible financing and lease options.
Next time you see a shipping container, think Millebot!

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