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A Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Mercury Cash is a Cryptocurrency Trading Platform headquartered in Orlando, Florida. Mercury Cash is a company born two years ago, with the vision of becoming the leader in the electronic money institution field, starting as a Cryptocurrency Trading Platform.

The team’s vision of the future, utilizing innovations and new technologies, produced the evolution of their ideas to improve the world economy.

Mercury Cash Wallet is a live hosted wallet solution with a current customer base of 8,000+ users and allows for the real-time liquidation and transfer between cryptocurrency and fiat assets seamlessly and intuitively. The Mercury Cash Wallet is available to download on iOS and Android devices and provides the ability to link a bank account, credit or debit card to be able to convert digital currency to and from US Dollars.

Mercury Cash raises the compliance bar by ensuring that we are fully licensed and certified, being one of the first to register as a Money Transmitter through Florida’s Office of Finance Regulation and Money Services Business through the US Department of the Treasury.

Mercury Cash looking to 30+ states in the United States in the near future. In addition, Mercury Cash’s advanced roadmap includes becoming an Electronic Money Institution (EMI/eMoney) under the U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority, allowing for legal operations in the 23 states that comprise the European Economic Area. Mercury cash is already correctly incorporated in UK looking very soon to start operation with EUR pair.

Mercury cash started the registration process to become an SEC-registered FINRA Member Broker-Dealer and a registered-and-licensed Alternative Trading System (ATS) with the idea to cover the market need of Florida and LATAM for securities.

Mercury Cash founders and team members have been working together since 2008 and come from a wide range of backgrounds and a variety of industries. The team’s vision of the future utilizing innovations and new technologies produced the evolution of their ideas to improve the world economy. Our staff is our biggest asset, but our customers, clients, and vendors are at the core of all our ideas and decisions.

The tokenization of the market is revolutionizing the financial industry. The company has launched its own token, MCEX. These tokens represent units of ownership or equity securities. This is the same concept as units of an LLC or shares of a corporation.

Mercury Cash

+1 (305) 381 2809
7205 NW 19TH ST SUITE 401
MIAMI FL 33126

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